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   Chapter 704 The Power Of The Ghost Puppet Sect

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The crowd focused on the ground and widened their mouths in surprise.

There turned out to be five giant, daunting centipedes. They were more than 20 meters long with two rows of sharp claws on both sides of their bodies and a huge mouth with tusks.

The centipedes wiggled their bodies and emitted powerful energy fluctuations that were on par with the vital energy force of a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm.

The moment the five centipedes emerged, they turned into five rays of light and charged at the five corpse demons at lightning speed.

Everyone was secretly awed and couldn't help thinking that the Ghost Puppet Sect really deserved its reputation. The five centipedes were obviously their puppets, but they didn't look much different from real centipedes.

In a flash, the five centipedes and the five corpse demons began to fight. As the two sides were equal in strength and quantity, they were tied for the moment.

The head of the Tiger Mercenary Team felt relieved that he was now out of the fray.

With his cultivation base of the premium stage of Imperial Realm, the five corpse demons didn't actually pose a substantial threat to him, but he found himself unable to repel them.

That was because the corpse demons had pretty tough bodies which were resistant to attack.

"Hey, boy, it's your turn!"

Mark was pleased to see that the five centipede puppets had managed to hold off the five corpse demons. He patted his waist and, with another flash of light, a roaring tiger puppet stood in front of him.

This tiger puppet was two meters tall and huge, with many fangs in his enormous mouth. Its tail was several meters long and shaped like a steel whip.

"Kill this boy."

Mark gave the order quietly. At once, the tiger puppet leaped forward and pounced on Austin.

When this tiger puppet moved, everyone realized that its strength was at the medium stage of Imperial Realm!

That meant that Mark carried around six puppets that were equivalent to six masters of the Imperial Realm. This was a terrifying force.

Everyone present was secretly shocked.

On the other hand, the members of the Tiger Mercenary Team cheered loudly, feeling proud.


for Isis, she had wanted to kill the members of the Tiger Mercenary Team for a long time.

So, Austin's words succeeded in stirring them up.

"Isis, if Austin can really pin Mark down, let's act immediately and destroy the Veritable Demon Sect and the Tiger Mercenary Team! In fact, I think Austin can make it. Then, there will be less two forces fighting for the Crystal Mine Mountain.

I think it's a good idea. What do you think?"

Caspar used his spiritual sense to whisper to Isis, who was hidden in the little sedan chair.

Isis pondered for a while before replying, "I agree with you. It would be good for us to eliminate a number of competitors first.

All right, let's get started."

Isis, although a woman, was a decisive person.

"Come on, eliminate the Veritable Demon Sect and the Tiger Mercenary Team!"

Caspar ordered his men.

Isis gave the same order to the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

'Ha, good! I've incited these people to kill the Veritable Demon Sect and the Tiger Mercenary Team. I can't help it. There are too many people coming here to fight for the Crystal Mine Mountain. I need them to kill each other first.

When they both lose, I'll be the winner.

At worst, when I get those divine vital energy crystals, I'll find a place to hide, use them to practice, and I won't come out until things cool off, ' Austin thought to himself.

He was excited to see that the Sky Sect and the New Moon Sect had taken him up on his proposal.

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