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   Chapter 702 The Fight

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Walter's Heaven's Halberd was torn to pieces by the five corpse demons as if they were grabbing tofu.

Walter could perceive that the five corpse demons were quite powerful. He was afraid that the odds were stacked against him if one of them was equal to his strength, let alone fighting with five corpse demons.

After breaking up the Heaven's Halberd, under Austin's control, the five corpse demons besieged Walter and attacked from different directions. Their sharp and black claws broke through the air and directly attacked at Walter. The claws glittered with a cold reflection and were quite smelly. They were obviously poisonous.

The five corpse demons' rapid speed and aggressiveness made Walter quite terrified. He finally realized that if the corpse demons worked together, he might be torn into pieces in a few moves.

"Team Head, please save me!"

The head of the Tiger Mercenary Team assessed the situation and realized that he couldn't ignore Walter's cry for help. He snorted and jumped to the sky stretching his body in a linear position. He then kicked out his right leg and a gush of vital energy poured out, surrounding the leg. The hair on the leg was black and thick. The veins on the leg became enhanced and the texture could be felt to touch. The blood flowing through them was clear despite being covered under the black thick hair.


The head of the Tiger Mercenary Team stepped in the air, and the giant leg shuddered lightly and then crashed down. The stampede caused the sand to fly and stones to roll in the air. The air was instantly condensed as the dust rose to the clouds covering the whole area in a mist of dust.

The Team Head was a high ranking warrior at the Imperial Realm. With all his experience and skills, he was quite powerful.

Austin reorganized the corpse demons and two of them continued to attack Walter, while the other three flew to the sky and dashed towards the giant leg which was surrounded by mighty vital energy.


The mighty collision instantly broke the giant leg as the three corpse demons also fell on the ground from the impact.

However, the corpse demons' bodies were quite hard. Such a hit did not c

the attack and all his vital parts were hit. His whole body looked like a punctured water bag as blood poured out from his body.

Walter's eyelids drooped slowly as his body fell down on the ground, life slowly fading away. He finally had no sign of life.

Austin then ordered the two corpse demons that had been attacking Walter to besiege the Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team.

"You are so young; I never thought that you would be so cruel and merciless!"

The Team Head had mixed feelings about Walter's death. He watched him die in a split second and he felt both surprised and angry at the same time.

Walter was one of the core forces of the Tiger Mercenary Team. Losing him was a great loss to the Tiger Mercenary Team.

"Well, you differ from ordinary cultivators indeed.

It is no wonder that you are so confident.

However, that was only child's play to me. Young man, I will teach you to remember to be modest in your future life, or you won't have a future."

The Tiger Mercenary Team was a part of the Ghost Puppet Sect. But now the vice Team Head had just been killed by a young man.

As a representative of the Ghost Puppet Sect, Mark felt humiliated.

He wanted to kill Austin.

Mark walked out slowly and stared at Austin coldly.

"Boy, this same day next year will be your memorial day,"

Mark said and then suddenly patted his waist. Five streaks of light immediately flashed out and then crawled on the ground.

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