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   Chapter 701 The Scapegoat

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"Walter, sir, it's you who has forced me to say this.

As a matter of fact, I had not intended or planned to do anything against the Tiger Mercenary Team, but now that things have turned out like this, I can't leave matters like this anymore.

Dear Lord Caspar from the Sky Sect, you might not be aware of this, but the Tiger Mercenary Team is a subsidiary force under the Ghost Puppet Sect. At this time, the Ghost Puppet Sect and the Veritable Demon Sect have already reached an agreement in secret before they even came here.

The Ghost Puppet Sect and the Veritable Demon Sect are intent on cooperating and taking control of this Crystal Mine Mountain. It is well known that there are not only a large number of superior vital energy crystals in this crystal mine, but there're also a large number of divine vital energy crystals, at least several hundred divine vital energy crystals.

So they have long planned to seize control of this Crystal Mine Mountain. In order to achieve this goal, they secretly carried out assassinations and killed many people. The disciples of the Sky Sect have been secretly ambushed and intercepted by the Veritable Demon Sect.

The only reason why the Ghost Puppet Sect and Veritable Demon Sect have gathered here is that they have already planned to kill all these beauties of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

Now in order to hide their vicious plans, I can't believe that they would frame me for killing all of those people. Sir, please help to clear up the truth for me."

Although Austin had invented many lies in his speech, Caspar believed most of what he said to be true.

Most importantly, Caspar simply couldn't believe that the boy in front of him was really a body refiner with such a powerful physical strength, and that he had been able to kill dozens of disciples of the Sky Sect.

In addition, he carefully pondered what Austin had said and he believed that what he had said was reasonable.

If there were really hundreds of divine vital energy crystals inside the Crystal Mine Mountain, it was entirely possible that the Ghost Puppet Sect and the Veritable Demon Sect had joined forces to loot the mine.

Isis and Mark, from the New Moon Sect and the Ghost Puppet Sect respectively, had been at loggerheads until now. Hearing what Austin had said, Isis was suddenly drenched in a cold sweat from fear.

If the Ghost Puppet Sect and the Veritable Demon Sect had really made a deal to attack the New Moon Sect without warning, then the New Moon Sect would have no chanc

sides had reached an impasse, yet no one wanted to take the lead and take action.

Austin thought that he should show some strength by fighting Walter. Thus he could cause some chaos to break the impasse.

Then, he would have a chance to escape this trouble. He might even get some benefit from it, too.

"Brat, I will kill you!"

Walter, armed with the Heaven's Halberd formed by his vital energy, moved at lightning speed as he attacked Austin violently.

"Humph, it's not that easy to kill me."

In the face of Walter's attack, Austin could not use his physical strength, or Caspar of the Sky Sect might find out the truth immediately.

However, this did not mean that Austin had no other means to deal with Walter. He had many other powerful attacking powers in his arsenal.

Austin patted the black bag strapped at his waist, releasing five figures who exuded a strong flavor of corpse miasma. They immediately formed a shield wall in front of Austin.

They were the five corpse demons he had previously captured!

The five corpse demons all had the equivalent strength of the Imperial Realm, while Walter was also at the medium stage of Imperial Realm. They were of equal strength.

As soon as the five corpse demons materialized, their dark corpse miasma spread everywhere, shrouding a large area of space with their awful stink.

Austin wasted no time and immediately ordered the five corpse demons to besiege and attack Walter.

They sprang forwards and stretched out their five pairs of wicked claws to attack the Heaven's Halberd at once.


The vital energy forming the Heaven's Halberd wavered and cracked, as it was immediately destroyed!

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