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   Chapter 700 He Is A Body Refiner

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The appearance of the Veritable Demon Sect members astonished everyone who was present.

They knew that most of the Veritable Demon Sect disciples were body refiners. Body refiners were known to be short-tempered and unreasonable. The slightest disagreement in a conversation could cause them to strike violently.

"Sir, you must be Morton Lu of the Veritable Demon Sect. You came so late, but it seems you want to take the crystals first. Am I right?"

Thomas said indifferently.

"Yes. I'm Morton Lu.

Who the hell are you? How dare you speak to me this way? You really do have a death wish, don't you?"

Morton's eyes flashed like lightning.

"It seems the rumors are true. The Veritable Demon Sect members are indeed bossy!

I'm Thomas from the Song Clan,"

Thomas said with a laugh.

"Oh? You're from the Song Clan? No wonder you dare to talk to me like this.

But I don't care who you are. I'll kill anyone who dares to challenge me, even if he's the emperor!"

Morton snorted. He knew the Song Clan was powerful but with his hot temper, he didn't care about offending them.

"Ha! You're so arrogant!

The Song Clan isn't here alone. There are also the members of the New Moon Sect, the Ghost Puppet Sect, and three other unknown sects. I wonder whether the Veritable Demon Sect will be able to defeat all of us," Thomas said.

Morton was a little surprised. He quickly glanced at all the groups that were present.

"Hmph! I already told you that even if the emperor himself is here, I'll kill him if he tries to stop me from taking my crystals. The Crystal Mine Mountain can only belong to the Veritable Demon Sect!"

Hearing that, Isis, Mark, and the Sect Leaders of the other three sects sneered at Morton. They were obviously annoyed by his arrogance.

Suddenly, an angry roar came from the distance. "Damn it! Which bastar

rson who possessed such powerful physical strength.

"Him! That guy.

He used to be a part of our Tiger Mercenary Team and he has showed his strong physical strength several times in front of us,"

Walter said, pointing at Austin.


Caspar and Morton simultaneously turned to look at Austin.

But they both immediately shook their heads.

"Are you kidding?

He's just a kid. How can he possess such powerful physical strength?

Don't talk nonsense. Or you might get yourself into trouble!"

Caspar shot Walter a glare.

On the other hand, Morton burst into laughter.

"He looks so thin and weak. I don't believe such a boy could be a body refiner."

Caspar, Morton, and everyone else shook their heads in disbelief. The Tiger Mercenary Team members were the only ones who believed Walter because they had witnessed Austin using his physical strength too.

"Everyone, don't be fooled by his appearance!

I'm not lying. He does possess considerable physical strength!"

Walter said anxiously.

"Ha! Lord Caspar, can you believe the words of such a man?"

Austin stepped out from the crowd and said loudly, pretending to be innocent.

"Oh? What do you mean?"

Caspar asked, staring at him coldly.

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