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   Chapter 700 Things Get Complicated

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'Come on, what are you waiting for? Teach them a lesson, '

Austin sniggered inwardly.

He narrowed his eyes and looked into the distance.

The rest followed his gaze and saw three men coming their way. Each one of them was followed by at least a hundred people.

The three people leading them stopped first in front of Austin and the rest of the people, and lined up facing them.

Several hundred strong men joined the three leaders and stood behind them in line.

The one in the middle wore a red robe. His face didn't hide the fact that he looked short-tempered.

The leader on the left was stout and short. His skin was tanned heavily, and his face was plump.

The man on the right was tall and thin. He looked somewhere in his forties and was in a bright green robe.

Austin had sensed that these were three very tough opponents for all three had reached the premium stage of Imperial Realm.

Dozens from their crew were at the preliminary stage or medium stage of Imperial Realm. While the rest were Sky Realm cultivators. It was evident that the battle effectiveness of the whole team was formidable.

The three in front were the Sect Leaders of Flying Fish Sect, Iron Palm Sect and Evergreen Sect respectively. In fact, these were three inconspicuous sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. But this time they had rounded up all their elites.

Some big sects such as Ghost Puppet Sect and New Moon Sect had only sent several of their principal disciples to collect information. The three small sects, having played their cards well, stood a chance to get the resources that were inside the Crystal Mine Mountain.

The three Sect Leaders had already noticed that two groups were facing out in front of the mine and that a fight looked like brewing.

Hence, they had paused in their tracks. They observed the situation over the mine, and exchanged glances.

"Oh! Why did you bring so many disciples here? Are you coveting that Crystal Mine Mountain?"

the Team Head of Iron Lady Mercenary Team began, her tone very obviously unfriendly.

Nick, the Sect Leader of Iron Palm Sect took a step forward and laughed loudly.

"Here you are. I didn't expect to meet the heads of Tiger Mercenary Team and Iron Lady Mercenary Team. You have even arrived before us. Now that you know why we're here, why bother asking?


already arrived at the Sunset Mountain for the mine.

'Things are going to get more complicated. People from the five major sects and four clans are already here. And there are no signs of stopping. More will arrive soon.

This is not bad for me. Once these people from big sects or clans get into fights and suffer a great loss, I can sneak into the mine and get those treasures, ' Austin planned in his head.

He stood aside, observing the different groups present silently.

"You guys must have come here for this mine.

You have traveled a long way to be here and I appreciate that.

But I advise you to back off. It's going to be the Veritable Demon Sect that will get this Crystal Mine Mountain."

A bulky man who looked as heavy as a mountain landed on the ground at that moment.

The dark-skinned guy had wrinkles all over his face and hands. Each time he took a stride, the ground trembled.

Dozens of people showed up and stood behind the big man.

'These people are from the Veritable Demon Sect, '

Austin thought.

'I sneaked into the Veritable Demon Sect's Holy Tomb. Now they are trying to hunt me down.

What a coincidence!'

But he didn't change his plan, nor did he intend to run away. Instead, he simply stepped back to get a better view of the situation.

Austin sensed that the leader of the group of the Veritable Demon Sect couldn't pose a threat to him even though he possessed remarkable physical strength.

Austin felt he could handle him. He was confident enough that he felt there was still a chance for him.

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