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   Chapter 698 Confrontation Of Forces (Part Two)

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The fury was very clear in his eyes after realizing what had happened in the past. He began to roar in his high, repellent voice referring to Austin now. "You son of a bitch! How could you have abandoned the Tiger Mercenary Team after you applied for it? Do you think our recruitment test is just a child's play? How dare you play tricks on us!

The Tiger Mercenary Team is not a place that you can join or forsake whenever you like. If you disobey the rules and regulations of the team, you shall be punished. Abandoning your team without any explanation, you deserve to be sentenced to death to set a deterrent example to other team members.

Otherwise, people will think we failed in our duties.

Now, in front of all these people, I give you a choice. If you want to keep your despicable self alive, you'll have to cripple all the cultivation bases you have achieved so far. Plus, leave your arms here before we spare your life and allow you to get out of here," the man spat.

As the Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team, the middle-aged man felt he had the responsibility to deal with this display of treason and give all the team members a warning.

The idea to cripple a fighter's cultivation base could be compared to pulling a plant out of the soil by its root. Just like there was no way the plant could survive after that, the cultivator who had lost all his cultivation bases too couldn't have existed. It was so because in this world, it was the cultivation base that defined whether the cultivator lived or not.

Hearing the cruel and merciless accusation, Austin's fury increased. He felt he would throw up in disgust if he heard more of his depraved words.

"You seem to have a lot of confidence in your strength," Austin retorted.

Irked by the sturdy man's words, Austin tried restraining his fury as best as he could. The ire in his eyes seemed dangerous, as if it could flare up and burn the Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team to the ground any moment.

"Austin, how did you mess up with the Tiger Mercenary Team?"

The Team Head's words had left Tessa astounded and she couldn't stop herself from

"Are there divine vital energy crystals in here?" the leaders of both the forces cried out in wonder.

After merely hearing Austin's words, there was an uproar in the crowd as they were all aware of the value of the divine vital energy crystals.

In the meantime, Austin's words about the Tiger Mercenary Team's plan for revenge brought great hatred and wrath in the members of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team.

True to its name, the members of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team were all women. A lot of them had got enlisted in the team after they had experienced some unhappy events in life. They all had some sad memories. They could not tolerate it if any man wanted to bully them.

The fact was that Austin had made up all those words to provoke the Iron Lady Mercenary Team. He did it to make the two teams fight against each other. The girls were too infuriated and filled with anger to sense or understand Austin's true intention. Unhappy memories of the past came rushing to each of them and kindled their utmost hatred towards men. Glaring furiously at the men of the Tiger Mercenary Team, they all took the fighting stance and waited for Isis' order to begin their slaughter.

Even Isis could not control herself. She could not overcome her anger. Her wrath was set loose as she pulled the strings of her instrument. Austin's plan seemed to have worked for it was clear that the words he spoke had irked Isis as well.

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