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   Chapter 698 Confrontation Of Forces (Part One)

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"What a terrible joke! Since when did this place become the New Moon Sect's territory?

Isis, I am surprised that you would say such unreasonable words!"

A voice laced with mockery emerged from the direction of the Tiger Mercenary Team.

People looked around to find the source of the voice. Subsequently, from behind the group of the Tiger Mercenary Team, two men stepped out.

One of them was a man of about twenty-five. He was dressed in black from top to the bottom. His appearance was not impressive enough for people to remember him. Instead, his hands were his most significant feature and would garner anyone's attention wherever he went. They were not just malformed or disfigured hands. Rather, they were about four times larger than normal hands. Strangely, they had the shape of a fan. They looked like giant elephant ears dangling from his arms.

The other one looked like someone who had authority. He was a stout and stumpy man. His skin was dark as though it had been burnt after being under scorching sunlight for a long time. Upon that his bright and piercing eyes twinkled under his thick, bushy eyebrows.

As they stepped out from the crowd, the sturdy guy was just looking at the women of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team with vindictive eyes.

Suddenly, a man spoke in a shrilly voice. "What the hell! Is that the bastard Austin?

Man! You have the nerve to show yourself here! You remember how you ran for your life from the battle last time with your tail between your legs?

Since you have come across us again, don't think you will get a chance of walking out of here alive this time!" the man barked.

He was actually the Deputy Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team, Walter. When Austin came in sight, the unhappy memory of the past came pouring forth and he yelled at Austin with unadulterated hate.

As Walter was yelling at Austin, another man's eyes were still on the women of the New Moon Sect. He was the Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team. After a moment's vindictive gaze, he began to speak harshly to them. "Look at this group of bitches! You have been sneaking around the Sunset Mountain and attacking my team members. If I hadn't noticed earlier, you would have brought

he basis of strength, the Ghost Puppet Sect was nearly at par with the New Moon Sect.

It surprised Austin that the Crystal Mine Mountain had caught the attention of so many superior sects and lured them here.

The sturdy man snorted in contempt. "Then you are not a fool as I thought. Your New Moon Sect may frighten other sects, but our Ghost Puppet Sect, does not get that stupid idea.

Tell me honestly, Isis, do you want to stay in this Crystal Mine Mountain? Do you want to keep all those precious resources to yourself? Has it ever occurred in your mind that you might need to consult the Ghost Puppet Sect?

You should do that right away if you haven't thought of it yet!"

Mark, the principal disciple of the Ghost Puppet Sect pointed out dryly.

Isis did not answer him at once. She was assessing the whole situation in her mind.

She could not deny the fact that the Ghost Puppet Sect was as mighty as her New Moon Sect. To make it possible for the New Moon Sect to take over the precious resources in the Crystal Mine Mountain, she needed stronger allies.

While she was contemplating the situation, Walter, the Deputy Team Head of the Tiger Mercenary Team suddenly walked over to the middle-aged man who showed up together with Mark and whispered something in his ear.

Upon hearing Walter's words, the man instantly averted his eyes and scanned the people around. His eyes fell on Austin and stopped. Apparently, Walter was showing him who Austin was.

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