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   Chapter 697 Reunion With An Old Friend

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The last encounter had warned Austin of the great fighting skills of the Magic Harp Player who sat inside the small sedan. Even martial arts masters of the Imperial Realm had been unable to fight back while being attacked by her.

She could kill people with her harp's sound, while her hands wouldn't be stained with her enemy's blood at all, which was impressive.

However, at this moment, a familiar female voice sounded. "Austin! Glad to see you again!"


Austin turned around, trying to figure out who was calling him.

From among the crowd of female cultivators stepped out a delicate and gentle young woman. The excitement on her pretty face was obvious in her high blush.

The young woman, only in her mid-20s, was charming. Although not tall, she boasted a pair of slim legs and her body was in a golden ratio.

Her slim waist had drawn lots of attention from men before.

Tessa! It was Tessa calling to him in an excited voice.

Tessa had joined the Cyan Sect which was located in the Elite Holy Kingdom.

Tessa greeted Austin warmly while looking back at the coquettish young woman.

"Lady Sophie, I know this young man. I promise that he won't do anything to hurt the Iron Lady Mercenary Team's interests," she pledged sincerely.

Suddenly, an extremely cold but seductive voice spoke up from the sedan.

"Bitch, you're not in the position to speak here.

Now move! How dare you!

Many powers are gathering around the crystal hill. I'm afraid that a fierce battle's about to break out.

But you... Look at what you have just done! Asking us to go easy with this bastard? You're such an ungrateful whore!"

The voice was filled with fury and resentment.

"No, I'm not. Lady of the New Moon Sect, please allow me to explain," Tessa said hurriedly.

Clearly she was trying to defend herself as well as Austin.

She knew that Austin had a quick temper. Worse, the lady of the New Moon Sect, sitting inside the sedan, wasn't a nice lady who would tolerate being provoked. If she and Austin misunderstood each other, she was afraid that they might begin fighting with each other soon.

The Magic Harp Player had a remarkable fighting strength. If Tessa did nothing and allowed them to fight, Austin might get hurt. Therefore, being anxious and worried, she had momentarily disrespected her leader, and tried to explain Austin's situation to her.

The fact was th

to the cultivators from the Tiger Mercenary Team.

The best warrior of the Tiger Mercenary Team only had the cultivation base of the medium stage of Imperial Realm, while the leader of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team had already entered the premium stage of Imperial Realm. Besides, her fighting skills were much more advanced than her peers.

She was confident in herself and her ability to deal with ten or even more cultivators of the medium-stage Imperial Realm.

Besides, the Magic Harp Player, sitting inside the sedan right now, was capable of easily whipping the Tiger Mercenary Team and sending them running like before.

"It's a bold move for you to steal resources from the Crystal Mine Mountain. Take note, I'll warn you only once that those resources are now the property of the New Moon Sect. You have three minutes to leave. Otherwise, you'll be buried here,"

The leader of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team said in a brazenly arrogant and condescending manner.

Then, the sound of music was heard. ...

As if to verify the truth of the leader's words, high and low sounds came from inside the sedan.

Upon hearing the harp's sound, the cultivators of the Tiger Mercenary Team turned visibly pale. Under the great pressure of the sound, their legs began trembling. None of them dared make a sound.

Some of the cultivators with a weaker heart had already backed up a few steps. As soon as the situation got out of control, they would surely run like hell.

However, Austin took Tessa's hand in his and stood idly by. The conflict between these two teams was none of his business.

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