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   Chapter 696 The New Moon Sect

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In the Sunset Mountain, the leaders of three small sects––the Flying Fish Sect, the Iron Palm Sect, and the Evergreen Sect––consulted together and decided to fight for the Crystal Mine Mountain.

"My friends, listen to me.

Although many big sects have come to explore this mountain, they may not know that there are treasures of the ancient master in the Crystal Mine Mountain.

They're actually heading for those vital energy crystals.

If we act discreetly, we won't necessarily have to be in conflict with them.

Besides, our sects are not weak, either. Our cultivation bases are all at the premium stage of Imperial Realm. Besides, each of our sects has more than a dozen cultivators at the Imperial Realm too. As long as we stay together and make good use of these cultivators, we won't be weaker than others.

If those prominent sects send some ordinary cultivators instead of the strong masters of the Master Realm cultivation base, they're not gonna be a match for us at all.

If they stir any trouble, we will kill them all! Once we find the ancient treasures, hide them first. We can make good use of those in practicing our cultivation skills. I believe that in a few years, we would reach a high cultivation base if we devote ourselves to training. If that happens, when we come back, our sects will be strengthened and at par with the major sects."

The leader of the Iron Palm Sect finally finished his long speech in a self-satisfied manner.

"You're right. Let's go! Let's head to the Crystal Mine Mountain right now!"

Both of the leaders of the Flying Fish Sect and the Evergreen Sect were motivated by the words of the Iron Palm Sect's Leader. They grew impatient and rushed to the Crystal Mine Mountain to search for the treasures of the great ancient master.

Soon, the three Sect Leaders led hundreds of their disciples and headed to the Crystal Mine Mountain.

Just after they had left, a little mink leaped out from behind an old tree and ran away as fast as lightning.

After running for miles, the small figure arrived at a valley.

There were dozens of cultivators who were preparing to set out.

Sporting his new armor, their leader rode a dark brown elephant with massive wings.

He had a square face and a hard jaw to match his well-structured look. His appearance gave off a cruel vibe that even when he was not angry, he

you are? What the hell are you doing here? What do you want exactly?

We are from the New Moon Sect. Now that you know how strong we are, don't disturb us! Get out of here before we hurt you!" The young lady in a pale yellow dress continuously interrogated, keeping her words offensive and distasteful.

"Ha-ha!" Austin chuckled in response, much to the annoyance of the young girl.

'It is said that the members of the New Moon Sect are all beautiful women. So they are, but their attitudes are not.

Even though it is comprised of women, the New Moon Sect can be listed as one of the five famous sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Its strength must not be underestimated, ' Austin thought to himself.

Nevertheless, Austin had already made a decision before coming there. He intended to use violence at all cost since it was no big deal for him to kill people. He could find a secret place to hide and then flee once he got a chance. Since he was not a citizen of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, there was no need to worry too much from offending the major sects.

"So, you are the ladies from the New Moon Sect. Nice to meet you all!" Austin greeted them.

His face was full of smiles, but his heart was growing murderous by the minute.

Although he wanted to dispatch all of them, Austin was somewhat afraid of the lady in the sedan chair.

He was aware that the women he met now were actually the Iron Lady Mercenary Team which the Tiger Mercenary Team had previously encountered.

They were a group of strong and powerful women from the New Moon Sect.

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