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   Chapter 695 Ancient Master's Treasure

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Austin flew towards the Crystal Mine Mountain.

Moments later, he could clearly see the top of the mountain covered with plants.

There was a strong celestial spiritual energy emanating from the mountain. It rose high and formed purple clouds in the sky hovering over the peak.

"The spiritual energy coming out of it is amazing! Even though I am not good at searching crystals, I am able to sense the dense spiritual energy emitted by the mountain. There must be something valuable inside it!"

Austin told himself as he kept staring at the Crystal Mine Mountain.

He was filled with new vigor and approached his destination with an increased speed.

After Austin had left the place where he had punched the disciples of the Sky Sect to death, thirty to forty people reached there. They saw the massacre and destruction done.

In the group there were some good cultivators. The ones with the lowest cultivation base were at the premium stage of Sky Realm. A dozen were Imperial Realm masters.

"Well, look at this carnage. It appears as if a fierce battle was fought here. This place is a total mess. Look, here is a big pit and pieces of clothes scattered."

"Look at those clothes. I can tell that those dead cultivators were from the Sky Sect. It is unbelievable that they have been destroyed so brutally."

"But the question is who did this?"

"I don't get it. Who would dare to slay the disciples of the Sky Sect? Whoever did this is getting himself in a lot of trouble."

"Did you notice something weird? It seems like those people were beaten to death. The person must have terrifying amount of physical strength. Do you think the people of the Veritable Demon Sect killed them?"

"Veritable Demon Sect and Sky Sect are two of the top five sects in our kingdom. If people of the Veritable Demon Sect did this, I bet the two sects will get into fights soon.

If that happens, many people will die. And we might get involved in it too."

People standing beside the huge pit started to discuss about the consequences eagerly.

"Easy, guys!"

A steady, calm voice broke into the chaos and brought the gossip to an end abruptly.

As the crowd looked around, they saw a tall middle-aged man walking towards them.

With a gleam in his eyes, he exuded a dense, strong vital energy force. It was apparent that he was a strong cultivator.

The middle-aged man went straight towards the pit. He observed it closely. And a mysterious expression came on his face.

"Dozens of disciples of the Sky Sect got killed. This time, I guess the powers of the Sky Sect will find out about the murderer at all costs. It looks like the storm is on its way,"

the middle-aged man sighed.

"We're close to the Crystal Mine Mountain now,"


tal Mine Mountain in my genealogy.

I didn't pay much attention to the information about the mine before since there was no mention of its location.

But recently I heard the news that a mine has been discovered in the Sunset Mountain. It made me connect this Crystal Mine Mountain to the one recorded in my genealogy. After doing some research, I found out the two refer to the same mine.

According to my genealogy, there is something more valuable than crystals inside the Crystal Mine Mountain.

The personal treasures of one of the ancient masters in the Prime Martial World were buried there. They are still hidden there.

My clan got to know this secret at the cost of the lives of many of our clan members. It was the price we paid for getting that secret.

After I discovered it, I sent some of my old experts to get into the mine. They were able to get in and have confirmed my speculation!

An ancient master's lifetime personal collection had been hidden there for so long."

Nick then paused, greed clearly visible in his eyes.

"Keller, Teddy, I don't need to tell you how valuable an ancient master's collections would be, do I? It's impossible for us to enter the Master Realm with our current cultivation resources and talent. If we don't seize this opportunity, we might have to spend the rest of our lives being bullied by the people of the five major sects and four influential clans. Is that the life you want? Don't you want to grasp this opportunity to change your fate?"

When the other Sect Leaders heard this, their eyes glared with hope and anger.

Keller licked his lips and said, "Damn it! If nothing's ventured, nothing's gained.

This is a good chance for us. I'm in!"

"I'm in too!"

Teddy joined in. The Sect Leaders knew that this opportunity was too big and too good to be left off.

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