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   Chapter 694 Sky Sect Disciples Try To Stop Austin (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5969

Updated: 2019-08-16 00:22

He was at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm. He and his crew were assigned the task to stop others from going near that mine.

Seeing how easily Austin had taken the lives of the Sky Realm cultivators with his terrifying physical strength, the man knew that he was no match for the lad. Hence, he didn't intend to make a move against the defiant young man.

He stretched out his hand, and a yellow bell materialized over his palm. Holding onto the bell, he infused his vital energy force into it.

The next moment, the yellow bell radiated with dazzling dark yellow light. It kept growing bigger and bigger, until it enveloped all the people of the Sky Sect.

The yellow bell kept going deeper into the ground until only the top of it could be seen by Austin. The people who were under the bell also seemed to have gone under the ground.

The man who had summoned the bell laughed aggressively as he spoke, "You bastard. I admit you're strong. But that does not mean you will win against us! This bell is a top-grade divine weapon which can penetrate deep into the ground and protect those under it. What a pity! You can't do anything to us now. Ha ha ha!"

His voice was full of sarcasm as he instigated Austin.

The rest of them burst into laughter too. One of them joined the man in ridiculing Austin. "You're such an idiot. You don't carry your brain with you when you step out.

You can't lay a finger on us now. But you have killed so many of our companions. Now, you'll spend the rest of your life on the run because we will be after you until your death. So, good luck, you fool!"

Austin sneered, "I didn't expect the disciples of a big sect to be cowards. You're about to die, yet you try to pretend to be blind to the truth. You're being ridiculous!"


appear on the surface of the yellow bell. It was penetrable after all!


With a final blow, the bell broke into a million pieces. A large area of the earth sank instantly.

Austin's punch which had 400, 000 pounds of force along with the strength of the evil ape's 35, 000 pounds landed at the pit.

"Ah!" "Nooo!" "Aaaah!" "Oh no!"

Painful screams and the sound of the explosion echoed throughout the field.

The pit became deeper and many dead bodies seemed to fly into the sky by the force with which Austin and the ape struck.

The group of men from the Sky Sect including their leader, who was at the Imperial Realm, had been killed by Austin and the evil ape. They had been foolish to underestimate Austin's strength and strategies.

Now, it was right to say that Austin who possessed the strength of 400, 000 pounds could destroy the cultivators at the Sky Realm or even the Imperial Realm.

After taking care of the disciples of the Sky Sect who had got into his way, Austin took a leap and flew towards his destination.

He was filled with a new energy and joy after slaughtering those who incited him. In moments he was close to the Crystal Mine Mountain.

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