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   Chapter 693 Sky Sect Disciples Try To Stop Austin (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6078

Updated: 2019-08-16 00:12

After getting the information about that Crystal Mine Mountain from Mack, Austin wasted no time. He quickly headed towards that place.

Since it was covered with thick grass and wild bushes, he passed through the jungle without anything getting in his way. As he passed a certain section of area, he flew freely as he didn't detect any human activity ahead of him.

According to Mack, it was already widely known that there was a Crystal Mine Mountain in the Sunset Mountain.

And he also told Austin that some sects had already sent their disciples to take over that mine.

It meant that people from different sects, gangs or groups of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had already surrounded that Crystal Mine Mountain.

It was understandable that the guys assigned to be there were not elite cultivators. Their job was only to collect information and figure out the value of the Crystal Mine Mountain. If they thought it was a treasure, they would pass on a message to their superiors and tell them that they needed backup.

Austin had come to a conclusion that the guys around the Crystal Mine Mountain were not the best disciples of their sects.

That gave him the chance he desperately needed.

Resorting to his horrifying physical strength, he would be able to defeat a master at the premium stage of Imperial Realm. Only someone at Master Realm would be a threat to him.

When it came to those whose cultivation base was below the Master Realm, Austin didn't have to worry about them. He could get rid of them easily.

Hence, he had no intention of hiding his whereabouts. His plan was to take all the valuable things in the Crystal Mine Mountain before any other strong cultivator from the other sects made it there.

Fifteen minutes later, Austin was able to see the Crystal Mine Mountain wit

of them would be killed by the lad if they continued to get in his way.

In fact, all those who were approaching Austin had been freaked out after watching the lad murder their companions ruthlessly. Upon hearing their superior's instruction, they heaved a sigh of relief and eagerly landed on the ground.

Instantly, the remaining group of dozens of people, joined the man with the fan.

"Hmm! What do you think of me? You provoked me first, and now you want to stop the game! No way. Now that you started it, I'll make you pay the price.

Go to hell, all of you!"

The more people he killed, the more excited he got. There was no way he would let them go. Austin leaped towards the spot where the members of the Sky Sect stood.

"Brat, we're from the Sky Sect. How dare you mess with us?"

the man with the fan yelled back furiously at Austin.

"Who cares which sect you're from? Now that you've displeased me, you must die!"

Austin hollered at the man.

"You're really good at your skills, brat. And I will not forget you. From now on, we'll make sure that you are not able to stay in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom any longer!" the man with the fan announced through his gritted teeth.

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