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   Chapter 692 Divine Vital Energy Crystal

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Austin exerted 400, 000 pounds of his strength. At that moment, he looked like a god of death who was descending to the earth. His furious fist wind tightly pressed the three Imperial Realm masters from the Eagle Mercenary Team. Being under such physical pressure, the three cultivators could not move, and even temporarily lost their senses of hearing and sight.

They were pressed in that state for quite a while.


With a sharp sound, the cultivator at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm exploded and burst out to a mist of blood!


Another sound followed, and the other cultivator at the medium stage of Imperial Realm turned to a mass of blood fog, too.

After the two cultivators disappeared, Austin dashed towards Mack.

His movements were as fast as the speed of lightning.

His hands slightly brushed Mack's shoulders and immediately, Mack's hands also exploded, dissolving into clouds of blood too.

"Ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !"

Mack thundered and cried in great pain as blood flowed from his eyes.

The three Imperial Realm masters from Eagle Mercenary Team died shortly after battling with Austin.

Their bodies were blown up into pieces, leaving nothing intact.

When Mack was shouting in pain, Austin did not give him much time to recover. Instead, he stretched out his hands and grasp Mack's neck tightly. It seemed as if Austin was not fighting a master of Imperial Realm, but rather a little defenseless chick.

His strong grasp on Mack's throat disabled the latter to talk, lest to breathe. All he could do was growl as he tried his best to resist.

"Ah! Oh, my god! Mack is also caught by that guy! We are dead! Let's get out of here!" The remaining members of the Eagle Mercenary Team, most of which were at the premium stage of Sky Realm, shouted in despair.

When they saw that Austin just killed three Imperial Realm masters in a matter of seconds and easily caught Mack in his hands, who owned the strongest cultivation base in their team, they were too scared to even react. All of them were left speechless. So when one of them shouted, all of them seemed to regain their consciousness and started to run away.

"Hmmm, you dare to run?"

Austin roared as he noticed them fleeing all at once.

Since he had started to confront the Eagle Mercenary Team, he was eager to kill them all, preventing any chance of revenge in the future.

Austin carried Mack through his throat as if he just caught a little chick. His figure moved and suddenly disappeared.

When he appeared again, he was close to a culti

crystals, it would be possible for him to break through and reach the cultivation base of Imperial Realm!

'This is so great!

I must try my best to get my hands on the divine vital energy crystals in that Crystal Mine Mountain, ' Austin eagerly thought to himself.

It was in Austin's character to always be competent and go after what he needed for the improvement and progress of his refinement.

As the saying goes, wealth always came with danger. Austin knew clearly that once the information of the Crystal Mine Mountain was spread out, a lot of great powers would rob that opportunity from him.

A Crystal Mine Mountain rich in superior vital energy crystals was so attractive that it could not be overlooked even by the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Let alone a mountain which contained divine vital energy crystals!

To obtain the divine vital energy crystal, he must compete with many powers and masters.

Even with that thought, Austin did not seem undeterred as he had fully prepared for it.

"Hmm, thanks for the information.

You can die now!"

After getting what he needed, Austin squeezed his hands tightly. He was not going to let Mack live.

"Crack! Crack!"

Mack's throat was crushed entirely, making his head tilt and completely detached from his neck.

The poor man soon died with a void expression on his face.

As the deputy Team Head of the Eagle Mercenary Team, he had been fighting for many years in the Dragon City, experiencing hundreds of battles and earning him his current reputation and wealth.

But now, after all his accomplishments, he was killed by a foreign young man for no inherent reason at all.

The deputy Team Head could only cry in agony.

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