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   Chapter 690 Fighting Against The Martial Artists Of Imperial Realm

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Austin reckoned that if he wanted to beat down the martial artists of Imperial Realm, he needed to at least perform his fist with the force of 300, 000 pounds.

"You dare to irritate me! I will send all of you to hell!"

roared Austin as he continued to carry on with two more punches. Instantly, the heads of two martial artists broke into pieces with blood pumping out of their throats like fountains.

It didn't take long before more than half of the martial artists were killed.

Thus, just a few martial artists from Eagle Mercenary Team who were at the premium stage of Sky Realm were still alive.

Pieces of flesh and bones could be seen everywhere around. The puddles of blood on the ground created small rivers and flooded the low-lying land.

A gust of wind blew as it reeked with the disgusting smell of blood. It smelled like hell. It was sickening enough to make people threw up.

"Go to hell, son of a bitch!"

Following the words, Mack and other three martial artists of Imperial Realm suddenly appeared and surrounded Austin.

Mack hadn't expected that the whole Eagle Mercenary Team to be wiped out that easily. Thus, he was raging beyond control.

"You four old bastards, try my great power,"

laughed Austin as he carried out with the first attack. He took one step forward and suddenly disappeared.

Seeing Austin disappearing from the scene, one of the martial artists who was at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm realized the situation had turned worse. He sensed that something dangerous was about to happen to him.

He adopted his bodily movement skill as soon as he sensed the danger, drawing back to dodge Austin's attack.

But it was too late. Austin had already shown up in front of him.

Austin then released a tremendous amount of physical strength totaling to 300, 000 pounds, overwhelming the space before him in an instant.


bellowed Austin as he flung his arm to that martial artist. Chaos was suddenly in the air. The force of 300, 000 pounds was so horrific that it could break the sphere.

"Little bastard! How dare you punch me!"

cried the martial artist in panic. He quickly summoned all of his vital energy, causing it to surge into revolving lightning speed. For a second back then, his energy looked like burning up. The powerful vital energy gathered before him and condensed into a giant palm. With level nine palm intent wreathing the giant palm, it s

ling with fear.

He couldn't think of anything but to run away now!

"Cut the crap. None of you are getting away today!"

Austin yelled with his eyes reflecting his lust to kill.

"Let's attack him at the same time! We can bring him down with our joint power!"

Mack clenched his jaw. He was a man of battle with strong heart and wild temperament. It would be a slap on his face to escape from a young boy who was not even in his twenties.

Using his bodily movement skill, Austin suddenly appeared before the three men.

He made up his mind. He would end this fight quickly and murder them. Therefore, he gave his full strength to fight against them.

With 400, 000 pounds of force concentrated on his fist, he decisively threw his punch at the three martial artists.


an ear-breaking sound burst out

as a tremendous power was released in a punch.

At that moment, all of the space seemed to have been oppressed by his fist.

Thus, the three martial artists of Imperial Realm felt as if there was a great force weighing them down.

They were stalled by the dreadful power, causing their ears to feel like falling off as their sights grew dimmer.

The world was suddenly nothing but a mess!

"God, his physical strength has reached a higher level!

He is really a freak. I can't imagine where his upper bound is.

We are toast this time!"

exclaimed the martial artist at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm. Shivers were running down his back and he was almost frightened to death.

Scared as he was, he had no idea of the situations of the other two man of Imperial Realm.

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