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   Chapter 689 Slaughter

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two Sky Realm premium stage warriors from the Eagle Mercenary Team cried out before exploding.

"Damn it! He has killed another two men from our Eagle Mercenary Team.

Go and surround this man!

He has killed too many warriors from our Eagle Mercenary Team. How can we maintain our reputation if other mercenary teams hear about this?

Go and do everything you can to kill him!"

Mack was almost mad with rage, but he was still clear about one thing. One or two underlings wouldn't be able to kill Austin; he'd have to order all his men to work together to destroy Austin.

Upon his command, almost sixty warriors at the premium stage of Sky Realm surrounded Austin in a fan-shaped circle.

All these warriors had witnessed Austin's terrifying physical strength and knew that he couldn't be judged by his appearance.

For normal warriors at the premium stage of Sky Realm, death was at hand unless they focused their full attention on Austin.

They were already filled with dread after seeing his bloody massacre of the warriors by smashing their bodies into pieces. But regardless of their misgivings, the sixty warriors at the premium stage of Sky Realm had to attack Austin together.

"You bastard, you killed my true-born younger brother! I'll make you pay for this! I'll kill you!"

A slender young man moved in on Austin first, holding a sacred sword with a sharp blade in his hand.

The sword cultivator whose face had been covered by long hair was the true-born younger brother of this slender young man. In his eagerness to avenge his brother, he focused all his sword intent at once and hacked at Austin from above.

Level ten sword intent spread through the forest, cutting all the trees around Austin into pieces.

This man, with his proficient swordsmanship and his vital energy at the premium stage of Sky Realm, was far more powerful than the other warriors on the same level as him.

He really stood out among all the warriors at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

After all this time, Austin had learned a few things about physical strength.

A force of at least 50, 000 pounds would be needed to deal with warriors at the prelimina

Anyone who was so much as grazed by Austin's finger was dead.

About thirty warriors at the premium stage of Sky Realm were killed in less than ten breaths.

"Damn it!

We must stop him!"

It was too late for Mack to regret his decision. He had never imagined that Austin would be able to kill half of his men in the blink of an eye.

And most of the men he had killed were full members of the Eagle Mercenary Team.

The Eagle Mercenary Team could easily replace the dead men if they all had been newly recruited. But since most of them were full members, their deaths were a heavy blow to the Eagle Mercenary Team.

"Be quick, catch him first!"

In a flash, Mack flew to Austin, followed by the other three Imperial Realm masters.

Austin laughed. "You four so-called masters, is it finally your turn to fight with me?

Anyway, it makes no difference. I'm going to kill all the shit Imperial Realm masters too."

As Austin spoke, he smashed a warrior at the premium stage of Sky Realm. The prospect of fighting the four Imperial Realm masters only made him feel more excited.

Half of his physical strength was enough to slaughter all warriors at premium stage of Sky Realm.

Until now, he had never gone up against a warrior at the premium stage of Imperial Realm with his physical strength.

These four men would give him the best opportunity to check whether his physical strength was enough to deal with Imperial Realm masters.

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