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   Chapter 688 A Bruising Encounter

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In virtue of his strong spiritual sense, Austin perceived the approach of the Eagle Mercenary Team and immediately prepared for the incoming contact. The Team, mainly consisting of four powerful cultivators, whose cultivation base at the Imperial Realm stage, and other common cultivators, was an organization working solely for money. Their spiritual sense was only occasionally released to secure their surroundings. But they never realized that their spiritual sense couldn't detect Austin as it was blocked off by Austin's much stronger spiritual sense.

"It would appear that the Eagle Mercenary Team is under the command of the Sky Sect,"

Austin murmured pensively.

The Eagle Mercenary Team was the strongest mercenary organization in the Dragon City, for it had many cultivators of a high cultivation base.

However, without creed, finance, and other prerequisites to support themselves, many mercenary organizations were just driven by money and their life was limited. Compared with big sects which had solid foundations and thousands of disciples, most mercenary organizations were only small fry.

So, the only way that mercenary organizations could survive was to depend on larger sects to seek their assistance. After all, a big tree sheltered many people from the rain.

Because of the money-oriented nature of mercenary groups and their willingness to accept any tasks, some major sects even hired them to do illegal activities or things which were not proper for sects to be involved in.

'It seems that the members of the Eagle Mercenary Team more or less know about the crystal mine.'

At this thought, Austin decided to initiate contact with them.

A moment later, Austin came into their view.

"Hey, dude, who are you? Stop, didn't you hear me?"

soon, a member of Eagle Mercenary Team spotted Austin and shouted.

Austin pretended not to hear and walked directly towards them.

"Hey, dude, are you deaf? How dare you ignore me! Don't you know that we are members of the Eagle Mercenary Team? Get out of our way while we are still busy or I will teach you a lesson!"

The man was pissed off and became even angrier when he found that his instructions were ignored and didn't get a response from this bold intruder.

"I know this dude. He is the new member recruited by the Tiger Mercenary Team a few days ago," one of the mercenaries exclaimed then.

Soon, more people agreed that this stranger was in fact Austin.


"Are you two stupid?

Well, you leave me no choice but to fight back. Since you want to take my life, I would like to see who is the strongest cultivator!"

Having triumphed through countless battles, Austin was not even a bit afraid of any intimidation. He just felt sad at the pathetic ignorance of the two young men who, in his eyes, were scapegoats at the mercy of their captain. Well, since they wanted to die so eagerly, Austin decided to show them no mercy. Soon, he concentrated all of his strengths and vital energy which ran through his body. His hardened brutal fists aimed at the two young men.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds force were in each fist! These were mighty blows indeed!

Austin threw two punches with at the same time. The air around him was compressed by the rushing force as his fists sailed past his ears. Even the atmosphere in front of him was shaped into mushroom shapes as the fists were launched at their targets.

Space collapsed; wild winds howled, and everything around him was turned upside-down. It seemed the world had suddenly descended into chaos.

The two men caught in this tortuous space were terrified of these strange events which they had never before seen. They couldn't see anything nor could they hear, as if they were separated from the rest of the world.

An inexplicable sense of fear surged in their hearts.

"No, no, someone help me!

God, do not leave me here! No..." they shrieked in terror. There followed sharp snapping sounds and strange echoes like branches breaking in a massive storm.

The shrieks of the two young men were suddenly and finally cut off.

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