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   Chapter 687 A Crystal Mine Mountain

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Once Austin absorbed and refined the blood of the seven Silver Demonic Wolves, his strength was 388, 000 pounds.

But that wasn't enough for him. His goal was to increase his physical strength to over 400, 000 pounds.

Soon, he unleashed his spiritual sense to target the level-nine diabolic beasts nearby.

A level-nine diabolic beast was equal to a cultivator at the premium stage of Sky Realm.

But it was an easy task for Austin to handle beasts of that level.

But to Austin's disappointment, the number of level-nine diabolic beasts was significantly less than that of level-eight ones.

Three days later, Austin killed a level-nine rhinoceros and refined its blood. So far, he had killed 12 level-nine beasts and successfully turned the essence in their blood into his power.

He finally achieved his goal: his physical strength was up to 400, 000 pounds.

It had been ten days since he had entered the Sunset Mountain. During that period, Austin had gained an extra 40, 000 pounds of force.

He had never seen this happen before.

Austin took a deep breath.

Having finished refining the essence of the rhinoceros' blood, he stood up and released the 400, 000 pounds of force.


A tremendously strong power gushed out of Austin's body.

The next second, a horrifying wind which held infinite power was created. It swept through the tall, dense bush which disappeared instantly, and even the huge stones which weighed hundreds of thousands of pounds nearby dissolved into ashes.

The ground where Austin stood sank and crunched, creating a pit which was over ten meters deep and dozens of meters wide. He had leaped into the air the moment he felt the ground sinking. Otherwise, he would have fallen into that huge hole.

Austin felt great possessing such amazing physical strength.

He stopped unleashing his physical power and began to look for his next target.

Out of the blue, Violet reached out to him using her spiritual sense.

"Master, I have something to tell you.

I just heard that a Crystal Mine Mountain was discovered in

ding the team was Mack, the vice head of the Eagle Mercenary Team.

"Sir, is our boss going to join us?"

a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Imperial Realm asked Mack.

"Yes. Jim Lu, the steward of Sky Sect, requires us to be here at their disposal,"

Mack replied.

"Well, since he's given the order, we have to follow it.

If the Sky Sect hadn't had our backs, our team wouldn't even have been here.

Of course we should return their favor,"

the cultivator who had questioned Mack replied.

"Well, there's no need to talk about that.

All we need to do is follow Jim's orders.

Lock down this area and don't allow anyone to approach that Crystal Mine Mountain,"

Mack said gravely.

Austin was still using his spiritual sense, so he heard the whole conversation between these two men.

Generally speaking, cultivators could easily detect those whose spiritual sense was weaker than theirs.

On the other hand, it was difficult for cultivators to sense those whose spiritual sense was stronger than theirs.

This was because cultivators with strong spiritual sense were inclined to form a wall of spiritual sense to prevent others from spying on them.

It would be a challenging task for cultivators weaker than them to pierce the wall that they had formed.

When two forces met, the stronger one could always effortlessly defeat the weaker one.

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