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   Chapter 686 Austin's Increased Physical Strength

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The red blood magical python at level eight lunged fiercely at Austin with its bloody mouth open, but Austin didn't try to evade it. Instead, he threw a punch with a force of around 80, 000 pounds at the python at lightning speed.


The python's large head split open like it was made of paper, splaying fishy red blood and colorful pieces of brain into the air. In front of Austin, the python, which was as large as a small house, looked weak and powerless.

The moment the red blood magical python died, Austin used the Beast Energy-extracting Skill to extract its essence. Strands of special power which could extract the python's essence flew forward and surrounded the python's body.

A few moments later, the essence of the python's blood was successfully extracted.

Austin swallowed the vigorous ball of essence at once. Then, he moved to a thick emerald-hued bush that was more than ten meters high. Behind the bush was a secluded clearing. Austin sat on the ground and refined the python's blood essence that he had just swallowed.

The Magical Beast Elixir in Austin's body was activated. Once Austin consumed a Magical Beast Elixir, he would be able to reap the maximum benefits of it for a month. After one month, the efficacy of the elixir would gradually fade.

Refining a level eight diabolic beast's blood essence barely brought any pain to Austin's body now. He just felt a bit tired and sore.

50 pounds...

100 pounds...

200 pounds...

Austin could feel his physical body being strengthened. Although the process was slow, he could clearly feel it.

500 pounds!

Finally, his physical strength had increased by 500 pounds.

It was a perfect refinement.

Theoretically speaking, refining a level eight diabolic beast's blood essence could increase the refiner's physical strength by 500 pounds. However, that was the ideal state. If the refiner failed to fully refine the essence, his physical strength wouldn't increase by 500 pounds.

Austin had used the Beast Energy-extracting Skill to refine a diabolic beast twice now. And luckily, he had gotten the desired result each and every time,

and then they all blew up.

The seven Silver Demonic Wolves let out howls filled with pain and sadness. Austin was putting them under great pressure and they didn't know what to do next.

"I'm going to kill you all!" Austin exclaimed as he smashed all the wind balls to pieces with his fist.

Using his bodily movement skill, he disappeared from where he had been standing and appeared in the middle of the seven Silver Demonic Wolves in the blink of an eye.

It had only taken him a little time to achieve this speed.

He threw punches at the wolves at lightning speed.

The rumbling sound of the fight echoed throughout the area. .

Austin moved swiftly among the seven Silver Demonic Wolves and threw a punch at each of them, smashing their heads into pieces.

A level nine diabolic beast was equal to a warrior at the Sky Realm. But now, Austin's physical strength alone was powerful enough to kill level nine diabolic beasts.

An hour later, Austin had successfully refined the blood essence of the seven Silver Demonic Wolves.

It increased his physical strength by 7, 000 pounds!

Refining the blood essence of a level nine diabolic beast could increase one's physical strength by 1, 000 pounds.

Now, Austin's physical strength had reached 390, 000 pounds.

His next goal was to increase his physical strength to 400, 000 pounds.

Austin was delighted to feel his physical strength increasing.

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