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   Chapter 685 The Beginning Of The Cultivation

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One of the two young women was sitting behind an ancient seven-stringed harp. She plucked its strings and let out a sigh.

"If it weren't for the fact that the task was so important or that I didn't want to draw too much attention, I would have killed those men! Frankly, they deserved it."

The other one was very charming. Facing the woman who was playing the instrument, she said with a smile, "Isis, don't bother. They are no more than a group of pigs!

After all, our target is the derelict mine.

Ha-ha! I didn't except so many secret treasures to be inside it." She chuckled and then continued, "All along, people have been focusing on the diabolic beasts in the Sunset Mountain.

Although you can't blame them. Usually, large quantities of crystalline minerals are found only in desert areas. Nobody has ever thought of exploring the Sunset Mountain of the eastern region.

The mine was just found recently. Luckily, it hasn't drawn the attention of other powerful groups.

The New Moon Sect should take the opportunity to take over it. And who better to do that than us?"

"Well, the other girls should have had enough rest. We'd better make a move as soon as possible.

I heard some rumors going around and it won't be long before other groups stumble upon it.

I guess we might meet a few competitors this time,"

the young woman said. Then she put the harp away.

"You're right,"

the other woman answered. She was the head of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team. She immediately ordered the others and together, they set off for the mine.

After a while, a large group of beautiful girls left the valley.

... ...

After arriving at the region in which level eight diabolic beasts inhabited, Austin decided to leave the Tiger Mercenary Team.

He slipped away amidst the chaos using bodily movement skill.

When Austin left, he became close to invisible. Without probing with their spiritual sense power, no one could notice his leaving.

After leaving the Tiger Mercenary Team

ed blood magical python and said, "Hey, little snake! Come out and fight me!"

Austin restrained his vital energy force fluctuation to deceive the snake and didn't reveal his real vital energy level.

Hence, for the red blood magical python, he was merely an ordinary young man without any cultivation base.

The python flew into rage when it heard Austin yelling. It felt that its dominance had been seriously challenged.

Roaring in anger, the red blood magical python rushed out of the cave. In the wake of its fury, it broke half of its cave.

It looked striking and venomous with its extraordinarly large body.

It was over twenty meters long in total, and the diameter of its body was about six meters. It raised its head and stared at Austin with eyes as big as lanterns.

Austin looked at the huge monster which was a hundred times bigger than him and couldn't help but be awed by its sheer size.

The diabolic beasts were born strong, and their physical conditions were much superior to that of men.

That meant that if the beast and the men were at the same cultivation level, a diabolic beast would still be several times powerful.


The red blood magical python opened its big mouth and rushed toward Austin intending to kill him.

"You beast, you're about to die!"

Austin said with a confident smile.

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