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   Chapter 684 Kill On Sight

Rebirth of Martial God By Changdu Characters: 6376

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Austin was now an awestruck admirer of the woman who played the seven-stringed Chinese harp.

He had witnessed this kind of skill before at the Outstanding Talents Exchange Games held in the Violet Orchid Empire. A young married woman had poured her vital energy force into a harp and created a grand sound wave array.

But Austin had defeated her easily as her cultivation base in vital energy force had been too weak to cause any harm to him.

Now, Austin's breath was once again taken away seeing a warrior who attacked her enemies using sound waves.

The world was full of oddities. This woman from the New Moon Sect could use her music to cause over sixty Sky Realm warriors from the Tiger Mercenary Team to lose their mind.

The four Imperial Realm masters who led the Tiger Mercenary Team knew that their whole army would be wiped out if they gave free play to their underlings.

Without waiting for another second, they had to do something to stop this mess.

"Wake up!"

The four Imperial Realm masters acted separately and gave a thundering order in the ear of each Sky Realm warrior. Together with the order, vital energy force and spiritual sense force were poured into the Soul Seas of the warriors.

Thanks to their extremely swift bodily movement skill, the four Imperial Realm masters had finished giving their orders individually to the sixty warriors in the blink of an eye.

After hearing the thundering voices of their masters in their ears, the Sky Realm warriors finally recovered from hysteria and realized what had happened. The next moment, they looked at one another with a mixture of shock and embarrassment on their faces.

"Buddy, you have great physical strength, but that part is, ah, short but energetic."

"Hey, you... You... You're a eunuch! The world doesn't make sense!

You have so many concubines. Do you keep them just for appreciation?"

ust digging their own graves! They would have been fine if they'd known their place. How dare they speak filthy words? They didn't expect our leader to be Isis.

She isn't known as the Magic Harp Player for nothing! Everyone knows how amazing her martial arts skill of musical sounds is.

Killing the rubbish warriors from the Tiger Mercenary Team is like butchering chickens or dogs for her."

"The bastards from the Tiger Mercenary Team probably had no idea that the Iron Lady Mercenary Team is a force that belongs to the New Moon Sect.

Hmph, warriors from the underground world take us for sheep! But everyone who tried to bully us came to a bad end."

"Hush, hold your tongue.

For the moment, the Iron Lady Mercenary Team has no intention of publicly announcing our relationship with the New Moon Sect.

The Sect Leader will punish you if you give away that secret."

"I think we'll definitely get the mine range in the Sunset Mountain under the leadership of Sect Leader and Isis!"

"Of course, but be quiet. If your careless words reach the ears of the Sect Leader or Isis, you'll be punished.". .

Not far from these beautiful women, an extremely exquisite and delicate tent had been erected.

Two charming women were sitting inside it.

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