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   Chapter 683 The Magic Harp Player

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As soon as the members of the Tiger Mercenary Team noticed that the people in the valley below them were from the Iron Lady Mercenary Team, the randy men could not help uttering some rude and salacious comments about the ladies to each other.

It was rare to see women out here in the wilderness. So when members of the Tiger Mercenary Team, both the full members and the newcomers, saw that there was a large group of women in the valley up ahead, they soon became so delighted that they could hardly contain their excitement.

Just at this moment, a slightly disgruntled woman's voice was transmitted through the air from afar.

"Oh, if it isn't our friends of the Tiger Mercenary Team? I think it would be better for everyone to respect each other for the sake of everyone's safety,"

the voice sounded clearly in everyone's ears.

Austin knew that this kind of sound transmission was created through the special use of vital energy force, which compressed the sound into a line and transmitted it over substantial distances. Judging from the sound being transmitted, Austin was sure that the woman who was speaking was at the medium stage of the Imperial Realm.

This kind of sound transmission was suitable for long-distance conversations. As for how far the sound could be transmitted, it depended mainly on how strong the vital energy cultivation base of the speaker was.

"Ha! Dear friends from the Iron Lady Mercenary Team, we are just kidding. Don't lose your rag! I can't help it. You know, my brothers are all boors!"

Walter responded to the woman immediately via the vital energy sound transmission. Of course, the tone in which he spoke was a little frivolous and playful, without the slightest sign of respect for the woman.

Such behavior was common in the cultivation world. Cultivators followed the law of the jungle, in which the strongest cultivator decided everything, so they tended to talk without social taboos.

Walter had heard of the Iron Lady Mercenary Team, whose members were all exclusively women. They usually behaved with restraint and tolerance, so Walter believed that their strength was in all likelihood not too powerful. As a result, he felt that in the depths of such desolate mountains, there would be nothing amiss in flirting with these women.

"Well, in that case, there's nothing left to say."

The woman who had spoken, from the valley up ahead, snorted coldly.

Then the wonderfully melodious sounds of a harp came from the valley. The sound of the music was delicate and soft; like a clear stream running joyfully along the mountain valleys, and the raindrops hitting the banana trees, clear

of the cultivators at the Master Realm.

Moreover, Austin had always possessed a strong willpower. He took a deep breath and, letting out his spiritual sense, he found that the sound of the harp couldn't affect him at all now.

However, other cultivators at the Sky Realm stage were not so lucky as Austin. Most members of the Tiger Mercenary Team were being controlled by the seductive sounds of the harp and they had fallen deeply in romantic love with the fictitious women.

Even the four strongest men, who were all at the Imperial Realm stage, were struggling to resist the sounds of the harp, their faces as pale as paper.

In fact, the cultivators at the Imperial Realm had already improved their spiritual sense to a certain strength. But it was well known that the cultivation of the spiritual sense was much more difficult than that of the vital energy, so their spiritual sense forces were not as powerful as their vital energy forces.

"Ah, I know who is playing the harp!

It is the Magic Harp Player from the New Moon Sect!

How could these bitches stay with the disciples from the New Moon Sect?

Come on. Wake everyone up quickly! Or they will all die!"

Walter shouted in a trembling voice. Obviously, he had heard of the Magic Harp Player before and he knew how strong she was.

The Magic Harp Player!

Oh, my god!

All the others who had remained awake could not help but gasp. They were all scared by the notorious name.

The Magic Harp Player was tremendously famous in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

It was said that the Magic Harp Player was a beautiful woman, yet, she was also extremely cruel and merciless. She had strong powers, but she liked to kill people at random. It could be said that she was a real devil!

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