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   Chapter 682 Entering The Sunset Mountain.

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On their way to Sunset Mountain, the members of the Tiger Mercenary Team whipped their red flood dragon horses which were famous for their incomparable speed and kept riding day and night without rest.

Eight days later, they arrived at the foot of a lofty mountain chain.

"Guys, this is the Sunset Mountain. Our mission officially starts the moment we enter the mountain.

Diabolic beasts of level seven or level eight are abundant in the mountains. But once in while a diabolic beast of level nine or ten may show up in front of you.

Keep in mind the rules. You are not allowed to act alone. I'm the commander this time, so everything you do should be as per my order. Thus, we can maximize our gains.

After we complete our mission and return to the city, you will get a percentage of what we have gained from here.

I don't want to emphasize on this but I have to inform you all that if someone dares to disobey my orders and messes up this mission, I'll punish him severely. My actions will be regardless of the fellowship that has formed among us during the days that we have spent together!"

The assistant team leader of Tiger Mercenary Team, who was in charge of the mission warned them all. Next, he whipped his horse and was the first one to rush into the Sunset Mountain.

All the other cultivators in the team struck their horses with their lashes and followed him into the forest. So did Austin.

But once he had entered the Sunset Mountain, he felt it was pointless to stay with the team. He wasn't there to complete some mission. He was on his own mission.

His purpose of going to the Sunset Mountain was to practice the Beast Energy-extracting Skill. So he decided to seek an appropriate chance and leave the team.

He didn't care about what the assistant team leader had said at all regarding the punishment if anyone disobeyed his orders. He wasn't going to listen to some leader's instructions!

During the first few days, the cultivators kept hanging around in the outer range of the Sunset Mountain. All the diabolic beasts they met were at level seven. They were able to slay a large number of level seven diabolic beasts easily and took their beast cores as well as other valuable parts like blood, flesh, bones and tendons.

Although a level seven diabolic beast's parts were not high priced or precious, still they could sell those things and get a considerable number of vital energy crystals. The level seven diabolic beasts were abundantly present, so most of the cultivators would be able to make small profits which could be accumulated into a big one.

All the cultivators in the team had brought their Space Rings which could provi

Mercenary Team, they got talking about women. Their eyes were filled with sexual desires and passion. They made loud lewd noises.

Obscene and dirty words came out of their mouths continuously. They all seemed to crave for women.

Some of them started to tell dirty jokes, while some of them even made up obscene songs and sang them aloud.

The songs were arduous, with lyrics like, "let me touch you in eighteen different ways", "sleep in my arms", and "have sex with me." The men sang aloud such songs continuously and unashamedly.

The forest echoed by those sounds.

The new team members were also filled with excitement. Their interests and desires were also aroused. The fire of their sexual desires flared. All of them started to hum and joined to sing the songs with their hoarse voice. They were like a pack of lustful wolves.

"Well guys, I've heard that they are good at fighting and that they are gorgeous. Why don't we go there and join them? Maybe we'll win their hearts and in this wild mountain, we can play a lot of things and have a lot of fun.

I bet, they are also craving for some fun just like us!"

An official member of Tiger Mercenary Team said naughtily.

The other members started nodding their heads and laughed in agreement.

Walter, the assistant leader of the Tiger Mercenary Team, seemed to be used to this scene. He didn't say anything to stop them. Instead, he just smiled and let his subordinates go on with this improper thing.

Austin was appalled by the behavior of the team and its leader.

It seemed that their morality had dropped to zero after being a mercenary for a long time. They just did things at will, and for temporary pleasure. Their actions were regardless of the dire consequences their improper behaviors might cause.

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