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   Chapter 681 Setting Off Towards The Sunset Mountain

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"Hello, Princess Dahlia!" Dale greeted politely.

Apparently the lady was an important figure in the Veritable Demon Sect.

Dahlia, who was dressed in purple clothes, had a pair of big, sparkling eyes and long eyelashes. She looked energetic and sprightly. Undoubtedly she was an attractive lady, like a celestial fairy.

The girl who was standing behind Dahlia was her personal maid. Although she was less charming than her mistress, she was also a pretty girl.

"Dale, bring that brat to me right now. I can't wait to teach him a lesson!" the lady in purple said with a wicked grin, as she rubbed her palms.

Dimples formed in her cheeks; her big eyes narrowed like two big crescent moons and her two canine teeth could be seen. At this moment, she looked like a cute, naughty princess.

"Princess Dahlia, we are looking around for that brat. We have sent our men to get him, but he ran away," Dale informed.

"Dummies! They are a junk of trash. Anyway, you must capture that brat and hand him to me. I'll interrogate him myself,"

Dahlia grumbled with disappointment.

"I'll try my best to find him for you.

Princess Dahlia, does our leader know that you're here?"

Dale inquired with a tone of concern.

"Forget about that old man. I'm tired. Fetch me a room as soon as possible.

And one more thing. You have only two days to bring that brat to me,"

Dahlia spoke with authority.

Hearing her words, Dale guessed that the girl had left home without informing her father.

"Take Princess Dahlia to a good room,"

Gabe instructed his men.

Quickly the necessary arrangements were made. A disciple came forward and led the two girls to their chamber.

When the two girls were out of sight, Dale spoke to Gabe, "Send your men to inform our leader that Princess Dahlia is in the Dragon City.". ..

The two girls quietly followed the disciple and got into a fine room.

After the disciple finished his task, he asked for permission and left the room.

"Dahlia, are you sure you're going to interrogate that brat?"

the maid asked with a frown.

"Absolutely. I'm an unmarried lady, and he had the guts to see me naked.

I can't let him go.

When they locate him and bring him to me, I will torment him slowly,"

Dahlia said through her gritted teeth, clenching her fist.

"As far as I see, that brat is not easy to handle. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to escape from our headquarters safe and sound.

I saw Gabe looked dispirited. I figured that his men must have been hurt badly by that br


Dahlia said, fuming with anger.

"Are you serious?"

The maid was startled by her mistress' words and intentions. It was not something she expected.

"Don't be so dramatic. Have you forgotten that I have already reached the third stage of Veritable Demon Divinity Fist? My single punch could be equal to 150, 000 pounds.

There is nothing to worry. I don't fear that brat, and neither should you.

So, are you coming with me or not? If you do not want to come, it's not a problem. I will go alone,"

Dahlia said, slightly unhappy with her maid's reaction.

"I'll come with you. But we must be extremely careful."

The maid was totally aware that no one could change Dahlia's mind once she had made a decision. So she decided it was better to give company to her mistress. She couldn't leave her to herself.

The two girls collected their stuff and sneaked out of their residence. They bought two good red flood dragon horses and set off for the Sunset Mountain.

Cultivators who hadn't reached the Imperial Realm couldn't fly faster in the sky by activating their vital energy. Adding to that, they would consume much of their vital energy.

Only the Imperial Realm masters didn't have to worry about that problem. They could fly in the sky quickly and did not need to worry about the loss of vital energy.

The red flood dragon horse was fast and weird. Its head was like that of a dragon and its body was in the shape of a horse. Being a hybrid of a horse and a dragon, it was a level three diabolic beast.

Cultivators usually tamed these level three diabolic beasts and used them as a means of transportation. Their speed was something that made them a valuable asset.

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