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   Chapter 680 The Princess Came

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Austin was suddenly attacked, and he speculated that the thirteen mysterious figures must be from the Veritable Demon Sect.

He had no choice but to make use of his physical strength and blow out 100, 000 pounds.

The two cyclones containing a tremendous amount of energy collided with each other heavily.

In a matter of seconds, the two cyclones integrated into one, and soon a massive hurricane materialized, pulling out the grass and trees and blowing the ground in the air. The whole place was sent into chaos and a total mess.


A sound of a broken bone was heard. The first one to attack Austin had one of his arms broken with its bone freakishly bent.

His body was sent flying like a freshly shot bullet.

"That guy has such a massive physical strength as well!"

"Be careful! He also practices body refining skills. His physical strength is probably as great as 100, 000 pounds!"

Other people shouted loudly as they witnessed what happened. At that moment, none of them dared to get close to Austin. Instead, they gathered around and surrounded him in circles.

Austin sternly sneered at them while gawking at the middle-aged man who was in charge of the courtyard.

"You snitch! It must be you who had given off my information!

I paid you money and rented your courtyard yet you disclosed my whereabouts. Do you want to die?"

As he spoke, Austin stomped the ground with his tiptoes and all of a sudden, he was nowhere to be seen.

The middle-aged man was a cultivator at the medium stage of the Sky Realm. He initially did not pay special attention to Austin, regarding him as an ordinary cultivator at a young age from a provincial place.

But upon witnessing Austin's real strength, he suddenly felt alarmed as if he was at peril with Austin staying at his courtyard.

"Honorable great guests from the Veritable Demon Sect, please help me!"

the man cried while running as fast as he could to the back of the courtyard.

However, in a second, Austin had appeared beside him before he could even understand how Austin could be that fast. The next thing he knew was that Austin punched him on the chest.

This middle-aged man had lived a very comfortable life and only had few opportunities to fight even though he had been cultivating for so

te of shock.

"Yes, Steward Dale. We are telling the truth; we saw it with our own eyes. That guy does have such great physical strength. There were thirteen of us who were sent to chase and capture him, but we were not able to defeat him. Instead, we were severely injured.

The bone in my right arm is broken into pieces."

The head of the group reported with great despair and embarrassment.

His right arm was covered with bandages, which gave off a strong smell of medicine.

"His strength is 100, 000 pounds, and almost as powerful as a principal disciple of our Veritable Demon Sect.

Where the hell does he come from?"

Gabe was also confused as he furrowed his eyebrows.

At that moment, a disciple suddenly barged into the room.

"Your graces, Princess Dahlia is coming!"

"What? That crazy girl! How did she get here?"

Dale was astonished and straightened up at once.

"The head has never allowed her to go out by herself. Again! She probably went out without the head of the Veritable Demon Sect knowing!" Dale massaged his head slightly.

The princess of the Veritable Demon Sect was infamous for being stubborn and unreasonable. As she enjoyed a high position, everybody in the Veritable Demon Sect would not dare to go against her will.

"Okay. Let her come in."

After a short moment, an excited voice was heard inside the room.

"Dale, did you find where that guy is?"

A figure of the young girl appeared in the hall, ignoring all of the other members of the Veritable Demon Sect.

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