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   Chapter 679 A Surprise Attack From The Veritable Demon Sect

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Preparing for the next round of joining the Tiger Mercenary Team, Austin had no idea that danger was approaching.

It was an imposing residence in the Dragon City. Muscular cultivators with serious expressions had been going in and out of the gate.

Over the front door of the residence was a horizontal inscribed board with several characters on it: Veritable Demon Sect Branch in Dragon City.

These words were written vigorously. In some sense, it was almost like the characters had magical powers that could leave anyone amazed with it.

Most warriors in the Dragon City heard much about this place. This was one of the strongholds of Veritable Demon Sect, one of five top sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

Meanwhile, in the back garden, five men were sitting in the pavilion while discussing.

Each of them was well-built and muscled.

"So the brat we are after is here?" asked the man sitting in the middle loudly.

He looked like a bear with his two-meter tall body fully covered with thick black hair.

"Yes, Steward Dale, he is. One guy who guards the gates of this city is from our sect.

All of our men in different strongholds have already gotten that brat's portrait. I'm sure that the disciples had recognized him the moment he walked into the city," replied the fair man who was sitting next to the big man.

He was in his forties and was wearing an indigo robe, matching his nerdy elegance as he spoke.

This man was the one in charge of the Veritable Demon Sect's branch in Dragon City.

"Do you know where he is?"

Dale asked.

"Yes, the brat doesn't want to be discovered. He found a remote residence and rented a room there.

I already sent several disciples to spy on him.

Dale, rest assured that the brat can't get away this time,"

answered the fair man politely.

"Nice job, Gabe. You didn't disappoint me,"

Dale praised, nodding with approval.

Then, he laughed out loud and

ng too pesky. I'll teach you a lesson!"

One of them stomped on the floor and the ground was pockmarked with a hole.

He then leaped into the air and attacked Austin. He clenched his fist while in the mid-air, ready to punch his target. The air around his fist shook with force.

Seeing how strong the attack was, Austin was instantly alert.

'His punch has at least 60, 000 pounds of full force!' he thought.

And just right then, Austin understood where these people came from.

'I got it.

These people are from the Veritable Demon Sect.

But of course, they would never let me off easily after I barged into their Holy Tomb. Thus, they sent these men here.'

Austin wasn't a coward. Having experienced so many setbacks and bullies, he knew sometimes it was useless to reason with others. The most efficient way to work out problems was to resort to force.

Affected by the environment, he was prone to being ferocious and ruthless.

He snorted and coldly declared, "So what? I don't fear you Veritable Demon Sect. Now that you provoked me, I'll kill you all."

The tremendous urge to kill filled Austin's mind. Stamping his feet, he leaped and aimed to punch the other man.

The two powerful fists met! The air began to crack as the two competed using their physical strengths.

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