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   Chapter 678 I Didn't Mean To Beat Him To Death

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Bang! Bang! Bang! Continuous sounds of hits and punches filled the place.

Devoid of any facial expressions, Austin heartlessly punched the cultivator with a saber who was floating in mid-air.

It looked like he was hitting a punching bag instead of beating up a person.

All the people around froze in shock, gazing at Austin who was still striking his opponent slack-jawed.

It was until he gave his target a dozen punches that he satisfyingly stopped.


A dead body, badly beaten up and mangled, fell on the ground.

The entire crowd held their breath, appalled at what they just witnessed.

They stared at the dead man whose eyes were almost bugging out.

Even the Imperial Realm masters were startled by the scene.

As if signaled by the cold breeze, an eerie dead silence enveloped them.

Each of them gawked at the young man, aghast.

'A cultivator at the premium stage of the Sky Realm who had grasped level 10 blade intent had been beaten to death by a lad.

That fellow punched him to death.

That Sky Realm master even couldn't fight back, let alone sneak a single hit on the young man.

That's amazing!' the rest analyzed, terrified.

Austin turned to them and said apologetically, "My cultivation base is low, so I am not good at controlling my strength yet. I didn't mean to beat him to death.

Lucky for me, Mack said it's okay even if I kill people."

He then glanced at the dead body with a playful yet defiant look in his eyes.

Acting as if nothing had happened, he began laughing innocently.

At this point, he looked like a pure, harmless, and lively teenager who would not pose a threat to anyone.

A ridiculous thought occurred to the crowd. 'That must be an illusion. That can't be true!'

"This brat is too brutal. He is a demon! He could have killed that man with one punch but instead he tortured him.

He was enjoying the process of slowly killing his opponent. That man is merciless! What a horrible person! He had gone too far!

He is an evil guy! He has committed an unforgivable crime.

We a

I first saw you, I immediately knew you are amazing. Look at you! You are incredibly handsome, and you're physically strong."

"You're right. Look at him. Based on his fine features, I bet he will achieve great things."

"Buddy, I'll team up with you after we enter the Sunset Mountain."

Flattering remarks and compliments flooded Austin. The men were obviously trying to get on his good side and earn a powerful companion.

Austin felt as if he would have a headache as he listened to and faced the annoying men. He knew they were buttering him up, and their aggravating remarks made him ran out of patience.

"Get lost. I have to go!" Austin shouted as he tried to get away from them.

He squeezed his way through the crowd, releasing 100, 000 pounds of force. As a result, several cultivators were thrown and sent flying by the impact.

Terrified, the rest immediately moved aside to make way for Austin.

"Ha-ha. I'm sorry. I just really have something to do, so I have to leave now," Austin explained.

Without turning around, he advanced forward, leaving the rest behind.

"What an arrogant guy! He is ruthless and grumpy, a difficult one to deal with.

Don't mess with him, and don't flatter him too.

If you displease him, you might become his next punching bag!"

one who had been thrown into the air warned his other companions, staring at Austin's back.

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