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   Chapter 677 A Live Target

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6707

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"Alas! Young man, you're out of luck!" the cultivator of the Eagle Mercenary Team said, feigning sympathy.

"You're still young. If you had kept a low profile, you might have had a bright future. Unfortunately, you seem to be overly fond of the limelight.

Young man, can't you see that you're going to die soon?

To be frank, I, Gray, have never before shown mercy to anyone. Once I attack, my opponent will meet either death or mutilation with broken arms and legs. What a pity!"

Gray didn't seem to have taken Austin seriously. He made a face while speaking to Austin in his condescending tone of voice.

Austin had already made up his mind to kill this pompous ass. He chose not to say anything at all and his face remained complete emotionless.

"Come on! Don't waste your time on talking. Kill him!"

Mack of the Eagle Mercenary Team urged Gray on.

He was eager to see the young man killed by a new member of his team. Thus, he could then show off in front of the Tiger Mercenary Team.

"Yes, sir!"

Gray had just joined the Eagle Mercenary Team, so he dared not disobey Mack in the slightest.

"Go to hell!" he roared, while holding the saber firmly in his hands.

Vital energy gushed out from his body and transferred to the weapon, then an overwhelming blade aura materialized.

Obviously, he was powerful in the blade skill, and he had already mastered level ten blade intent!

Level ten blade intent was the pinnacle of blade skill, so one could imagine how powerful it was!


Gray waved the saber towards Austin. He didn't use any special skill, but rather summoned level ten blade intent merely from his vital energy force which was at the premium stage of the Sky Realm.

He tried to defeat Austin with only his strong vital energy force and extremely high level blade skill.

In many cases, brute strength was more effective than refined skills in fighting. Austin didn't look strong, so Gray had guessed that he would have no strength to

to rise.

Gray was caught up in the menacing wind before he could do anything.

In a panic, he had to release all of his vital energy and transform it into a vital energy force shield, hoping it could block against Austin's attack.


Austin's fist smashed through the vital energy force shield and landed on target against Gray's face.

With a meaty cracking sound, Gray's face collapsed into ruin.

His nose, cheek, forehead, and some other bones in his head were all broken! The last thing that he saw was a hugely enlarged view of Austin's fist.

Gray spit out a mouthful of blood, as his body arched backwards from the impact of Austin's assault.

He was sent flying back at tremendous speed. After several dozen meters Gray met up with the ground again.

He was half passed out and just like a deflated balloon. He had lost all of his vital energy force. Austin didn't show any mercy. He rushed forward and hit Gray in the chest with his left fist. Instantly, Gray's sternum was shattered! Then Austin's right fist took Gray in his belly.

One punch after another, Austin's fists relentlessly rained down on him. It was the first time for Austin to use these punches of more than 100, 000 pounds. He felt a steady stream of strength course through his body, and it felt both comforting and exciting.

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