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   Chapter 676 You Are So Funny

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"Who are you? How dare you be so rude and offend us?"

The thirty cultivators, who had just passed the test and successfully became members of the Tiger Mercenary Team, were all arrogant men, and they wouldn't accept the mockery which was uttered without reason, because it was a great provocation. Immediately, a big robust man with a face full of beards came out and shouted angrily.

However, before he could continue his words, another cultivator standing beside him, who apparently was his acquaintance, tugged his sleeve and said to him in a whisper.

"Do you want to die?

Haven't you seen the flying eagle embroidered on his shirt?

He is obviously a member of the Eagle Mercenary Team.

Don't irritate him!"

Hearing what his colleague said, the man with a beard was a little surprised; he shifted his view to the young man's chest and sure enough, he saw a flying eagle embroidered on the middle-aged man's shirt.

The bearded man lost his intimidating aura and instantly shifted his eyes elsewhere to avoid eye contact with the middle-aged man. He even took a few steps back from the team to minimize his existence and kept his mouth shut.

Everyone in the Dragon City knew that there were three main mercenary teams — the Eagle Mercenary Team, the Tiger Mercenary Team and the Snake Mercenary Team.

Among the three teams, the Eagle Mercenary Team took the lead because it was the strongest, followed by the Tiger Mercenary Team and the Snake Mercenary Team.

For some unknown reasons, there had always been continuous frictions between the Eagle Mercenary Team and the Tiger Mercenary Team. The Eagle Mercenary Team always took extreme measures to suppress the Tiger Mercenary Team.

Today, the Tiger Mercenary Team was recruiting new members on the big square. The Eagle Mercenary Team was also recruiting new members at the same venue and time.

Now, the recruitment process for the two teams was over.

So, the three masters, who were in charge of the recruitment of the Eagle Mercenary Team, couldn't help taking their new members over to the same venue as the Tiger Mercenary Team to make some trouble and size up the opposing team.

"Mack, what do you want to do?"

When the newcomers from the Tiger Mercenary Team were distracted, the two masters of the Imperial Realm, who were responsible for the training program of the Tiger Mercenary Team, caught wind of the commotion and walked out of the hall.

The plump young woman, who was in charge of the registration process also walked out. They all walked out together, a sign that her status was not low in the Tiger Mercenary Team.

"Hey, hey, I don't want to do anything. I just came to see the new recruits that you have. What kind of garbage did you recruit this time?"

Mack, the middle-aged man who spoke with an ironic smile, was just teasing the new members of the Tiger Mercenary Team.

are all at the premium stage of the Sky Realm."

The young woman was fond of Austin and didn't want to see Austin killed.

"Mack, mind your own business. Our Tiger Mercenary Team won't play these games with you. Boy, back off."

Actually, Walter was discontented with Austin and didn't care about him at all.

But Austin was now represented the whole Tiger Mercenary Team. If they defeated Austin, it would embarrass not only Austin but the whole team, so he had to stop the fight.

"Sir, just let me try,"

Austin said to Walter coolly as he moved three steps forward and pointed at a cultivator in the Eagle Mercenary Team.

"Didn't you just say that you could cut me into eighteen pieces?

I choose to challenge you. Show me how you will do that."

Walter was furious when he realized that Austin would not listen to his words and stopped dissuading him. 'He is really arrogant. Now that he is looking for death, let him die, ' he thought.

"Ha-ha. I've waited for this moment for so long!"

In the Eagle Mercenary Team, a master at the premium stage of Sky Realm who was holding a saber in his hand walked out of the crowd, looked at Austin dismissively and laughed.

"Wait a moment. I want to ask something before we start. Can we actually kill people? Is it okay for me to beat him to death?

If I killed him, will you, the Eagle Mercenary Team, blame me for that?"

Austin suddenly asked with a weak voice. He looked a little cautious.

"Ha-ha- ha... Boy, you're so funny. You don't have to be so humorous, okay? You think too much.

Don't worry. If you really have the strength and kill all the new members of our team, it's okay.

But if not, I'm afraid that today you will take your last breath,"

Mack responded with laugher.

"Now I feel relieved.

Well, let's begin!"

Austin smiled faintly and said to the cultivator at the premium stage of Sky Realm who was holding a saber.

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