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   Chapter 675 Training

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Austin most certainly did not mean to belittle all warriors of the Sky Realm.

When he was still in the Violet Orchid Empire, they were quite high up in the hierarchy of martial arts, and nobody else could be superior to them in that aspect.

However, things were obviously different in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, where warriors of such cultivation base had inferior status. The independent cultivators of the Sky Realm had no other means to acquire resources, except joining the mercenary groups.

After he came to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, Austin felt the tremendous difference between small and great powers. The cultivation base he thought was so high was merely the cultivation base of the commoners in this kingdom.

"Hello, good morning!"

A seemingly honest voice echoed in Austin's ears. He looked up and saw a dark-skinned man in his late twenties, smiling and sitting down beside him.

"Bloke, you seemed to be too young to kill an eight-level diabolic beast and join the Tiger Mercenary Team. You have done an impressive work there. You're really keeping a low profile. By the way, I'm Allen from the Three Town. Making friends is one of my many hobbies.

Since both of us just joined the Tiger Mercenary Team, we should be friends and help each other, right?

I believe we'll have many opportunities for killing enemies and traveling around the world."

Although he was stupid-looking and seemed like a baboon, his honesty and sincerity worked miracles to earn other people's trust.

Besides, Austin felt the guy's wave of vital energy force and immediately knew that he had the same cultivation base as his.

"That will be fine for me!"

Austin pretended to be polite and friendly to this man and his seemingly kind offer. However, beneath the realistic appearance, Austin captured his sly glances. He was undoubtedly seeing more of his new friend than with just his cheeky smiles and foolish pretentions.

Although he befriended Allen, he didn't want to talk with such a mysterious stranger anymore.

"Well, my friend... I think you must have possessed a large number of resources if you can

met his intimidating glances and felt frightened as they lowered their heads to avoid the harsh gazes.

However, Austin appeared calm––as he usually did. He raised his teacup and drank his tea slowly.

Seeing his arrogant action, the trainer felt offended.

"Kid, don't be rude. I will not come to your rescue if you're in danger in the mountain," the trainer uttered in annoyance.

Yet, with that remark, he didn't try to embarrass Austin. If he would lash out at Austin in front of the new recruits, he might scare them, and in turn, they might refuse to serve the team.

Therefore, the trainer who was a warrior at the medium stage of the Imperial Realm restrained himself from getting angry and calmed down quickly.

"Okay. Let's call it a day. Go home and come back here at 7 in the morning. We'll head to the Sunset Mountain together," he instructed.

The thirty candidates walked out of the hall and returned to their houses in the Dragon City.

However, before they could reach the square outside, they suddenly halted.

A group of people, led by three middle-aged men, stood on the way of the candidates.

"Hey, you idiots. Are you the guys who just joined the Tiger Mercenary Team?

Ha-ha, only fools would think of joining such an incompetent team,"

one of the three middle-aged men sarcastically remarked.

The group of people standing behind him roared in arrogant and cocky laughter.

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