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   Chapter 674 Pass The Test

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Austin was excited when he saw the giant and fierce crocodile jumping towards him. It was so fast that its four limbs were a few inches above the ground.

With a physical strength of three hundred and sixty thousand (360, 000) pounds packed in each punch, Austin was eager to fight with the giant crocodile. It was a good chance to test his powers against the enemy and monitor the effect it would have.

"Go to hell!" He shouted.

Austin's body was as still and firm as a mountain as he attacked the giant and fierce crocodile. He simply stretched out his right hand and released his internal strength, knocking his fist on the head of the beast with one punch.

"Thump!" The punch sounded like a sledgehammer breaking rocks.

The giant crocodile bled and blood soon covered its whole body. It flew up in the air and it was dead before it even hit the ground. Austin broke all its bones and mashed its internal organs into dust and ashes because of the amount of the power contained in the attack. When the carcass fell to the ground, it was a pool of paste.

One punch turned the level eight diabolic beast into a huge paddle of cutlet!

Never would it open its eyes. It was hard to find its eyes. Its whole carcass was a muddle of minced meat.

As soon as the carcass dropped on the ground, Austin jumped forward and picked the crocodile cutlet with a hand made of his vital energy

He then began to refine the vital energy of the diabolic beast with the Beast Energy-extracting Skill. As he practiced the skill, some rings of special refining power wrapped the cutlet and began the refining process.

Moments later, a lump of the vital energy and blood full of vitality appeared in his hand.

He then used his mind to manipulate the lump of vital energy. It ran along his palm, his arm and finally it was absorbed in his body.

The lump of the vital energy was not much. As it entered his limbs and his organs, every part of his body tried to absorb more of it as if it was a dry ground thirstily absorbing minimal rainfall and every part of his body screamed with the desire for the vital energy.

The blood and essence of the crocodile were much weaker than the gold blood he had absorbed in the Holy Tomb of the Veritable Demon Sect.

So it was not as painful for him as it was before, for him to absorb the vital energy of the giant monster. He knew that it was because his body was now stronger than before.

The pain was minimal. It felt like the itching sensation of when a line of ants crawl down his body or the pain of a needle pricking his skin.

Austin could feel his strength increasing

sped in unison.

They knew exactly what "passing the test" meant. It was only after killing the level eight diabolic beast that one could pass the test.

'This young man had killed a level eight diabolic beast in such a short time?'

Everyone was overwhelmed at this thought. They struggled to believe what they had heard.

"Those who have passed the test please go to the house at the end and wait together."

One cultivator a member of the Tiger Mercenary Team who was responsible for guiding the winners came to Austin and told him where to go next while pointing at a big house at the end of the passage.

Austin nodded and walked away.

As he walked into the house he came across a wide living room with high-end tables and chairs that looked like they belonged in the upmarket. On the tables, there were various dishes, wines and drinks. All the dishes looked delicious and smelt great.

In addition, there were many pretty young slim maids wearing sexy clothes and walking gracefully as they made tea and poured water for the guests. Their service was respectful.

In the living room, there were more than twenty cultivators. 'Obviously, they have passed the test, ' thought Austin.

As Austin walked closer, all the cultivators turned their gaze towards him. Their looks were aggressive and hostile. If it was possible, they would have torn him into tiny pieces.

Austin didn't mind their gaze. This kind of triviality didn't bother him. His mind was calm and quiet and therefore his face was expressionless. Based on his assessment the most powerful cultivator in the living room was only at the premium stage of the Sky Realm. He could easily defeat him.

He therefore ignored the cultivators after assessing their strength.

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