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   Chapter 673 A Level Eight Diabolic Crocodile

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Just then, the laughter of these candidates was interrupted by the sound of the door opening. A cultivator rushed out of one of the big rooms, covered in blood. His hair was wildly tangled and his clothes were ragged. His body was covered with bruises and cuts from which blood seeped out.

And his eyes were filled with utter terror.

"It's hell!" he screamed as he ran out. "No, I'm never coming here again!"

All the cultivators present noticed another strange thing at this point. As far as they remembered, two men had entered that big room moments ago. But now, only one of them had come out. They could only guess that the other one hadn't survived the fight and had been eaten by the beast in there.

Seeing this, the cultivators who hadn't given a try yet swallowed nervously. They felt more stressed after finding out that they could end up being killed if they didn't quit now.

For the less competent ones, this was truly a stern warning. Their faces turned pale and they shook in their shoes, evidently regretting ever coming here. Some of them took several steps back, indicating that they wanted to back out now.

Austin shrugged seeing their reactions. "Well, if that's the case, I think I can only go and meet the monster myself," he scoffed.

Without another word, he turned around and walked calmly to the door of the big room.

Soon, his silhouette disappeared through the door.

"He... Damn, you've got to be kidding me!" one of the candidates exclaimed.

Those who had laughed at Austin minutes ago all stood aghast after seeing what he had just done.

He was going to fight a level eight diabolic beast alone! What in the world did he think he was doing?

In fact, it was understandable for those candidates to look down on Austin. After all, he looked like an inexperienced newcomer while most of them had already reached the Sky Realm, the same level as the beast.

Although they were on the same level as the beast, a diabolic beast was still stronger and crueler than human beings, so none of them dared to challenge it alone.

Nor did any of them ever expect this slim and seemingly weak young man to have the courage to challenge it alone. But there he was, going into the bloody room to fight the monster one-on-one.

Hadn't he seen what all of them had clearly seen just now? Two cultivators refining at the medium stage of Sky Realm had taken their chance before him.

And what was the result? One of them had been eaten and the other had fled with wounds all over his body, wailing in fear and pain.

It couldn't be more obvious that the beast inside was a strong and dangerous enemy.

The candidates just couldn't believe that Austin had the nerve to deal with something like that all by himself.

After a moment of silence, they came to themselves. A few of them admired Austin for his courage, but most of them shook their heads as they thought about how ignorant the young man was for not cherishing his own life. Some of them even cursed him for keeping them waiting while he went to seek his doom.

Meanwhile, Austin didn't panic at all. The moment he entered the room, he began to calml

this Tiger Mercenary man had been in a state of shock since the moment he saw Austin enter the room alone.

He had thought that the young man was just here to have a look and would be scared off once he found out what was waiting for him in the cage. But to his surprise, Austin didn't display any sign of fear at all. On the contrary, he kept nearing the cage and seemed to want to go into the cage. Was he really going to fight this monster all by himself? The man couldn't believe it, so he felt compelled to ask Austin to make sure.

"That's right. Just cut the crap and open the bloody gate,"

Austin demanded, not wanting to waste any time with him.

"Well, well, what an uppity child. You should know your own capacity and cherish your life, you know. Anyway, you asked for it, and I have no obligation to stop you, do I?"

the man replied coldly, irritated by the way Austin had talked to him.

Then, he opened the gate of the cage, rolling his eyes. The moment the gate was fully opened, Austin leaped inside. When the man jerked his head around to look at Austin, the latter was already standing face to face with the menacing crocodile.

The man rubbed his eyes in astonishment and looked at Austin again.

"Fine. No wonder you're so cocky. I have to admit that you have good bodily movement skill.

But unfortunately, with this big guy occupying so much of the cage, there's little space to move around, so I don't think your bodily movement skill can help you or save your life. Soon, you'll be regretting ever going in there, you brat,"

the man mumbled to himself.

The beast roared at Austin when he entered the cage, making the air reverberate again.

It was enraged watching Austin swagger up to it. To show its anger, it roared and stamped its foot, which was thicker than a tree trunk. The whole room shook with its force and the bars of the cage rattled violently.

Following the pounding of its foot, the crocodile made a dash for Austin.

Its huge body was moving fast like an unstoppable tank, ready to smash anything in its way while rushing over to Austin.

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