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   Chapter 672 The Evaluation Test (Part Two)

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I tell you I am truly fond of you now. I guess you can see that," the woman offered, and surely, those words made Austin agape with wonder.

Although his eyes had been furtively catching glimpses of her cleavage, he did not expect the woman to present herself in such an unreserved and prurient manner. Adding to his surprise and embarrassment, the woman winked at him, reassuring him about her intentions.

He thought of what he had heard from a friend when he was living on earth, that some mature women had a unique taste for younger and inchoate men. It was said that hanging out with a guy who was younger than herself would give the woman a strange and special excitement.

"I want to apply for the evaluation test," Austin said shyly.

A sensual and beautiful woman who wore transparent and scanty dresses like her would inevitably attract any young, unmarried man like Austin. His heart clearly burned with hot passion and his blood pumped fast in his veins seeing the woman's sexy and curvaceous body and seductive eyes.

After a few minutes, he finally managed to compose himself. This was hardly the time for such passionate dreams. He instantly reminded himself of the business he actually came here for. He thought that if a diabolic beast of the Sunset Mountain was the target of attack in the evaluation, then it was better to participate in the test and find out what kind of a beast it was.

His mind came to a conclusion that by applying for the recruitment, he would surely get the information he needed. As for enlisting for the Tiger Mercenary Team, he felt he could decide about that after seeing where the whole situation would take him when the evaluation test ended. He could consider joining the team if it was a worthy place to stay.

"You are indeed a crazy boy," the woman uttered in wonder.

She had no right to reject a person's application. With hopelessness, she looked at him. She could not stop him or do anything except feel pity for Austin's life.

From the drawer of her desk, she took out a token and handed it over to Austin.

Then she s

one gulp. You would look so delicious to it."

The despising sounds rang out among the crowd, and all the people present burst into laughter at the manner those men described Austin as if he was a little toddler. It was not surprising that people would lose their interest in Austin as he looked so immature and fragile in comparison to all the muscular and energetic men there. But, Austin did not take all those mocking words to heart.

"It looks like none of you would like to join me in a team and fight with that beast," Austin said, running his fingers through his hair sheepishly.

His words led to a louder uproar of laughter.

"What? Really, this little boy wants to fight that eighth-level diabolic beast? Are you daydreaming, you fool?"

"If I wanted to die, I would choose to be your partner and fight that beast with you. But I have no such intentions."

"What a naughty boy this is! Fighting the beast as your partner literally equals to a suicide act. Why would I want to get myself killed? I have loads of money and beautiful, sexy women waiting for me in my house. I wouldn't give it a thought until I have amply enjoyed what I have earned right now," a man cried out sardonically.

Hearing the man's humorous words, the crowd became boisterous again. The dull and insipid atmosphere of the square gradually became noisy and garrulous because of Austin's presence there.

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