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   Chapter 672 The Evaluation Test (Part One)

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"You cannot talk to me like that. I am entitled to participate in something like this," Austin retorted.

His brows knotted slightly and his voice quivered with indignation at the woman's impudence.

Seeing Austin's face turn a shade of red in anger, the woman burst into laughter. She began to speak in her high, vibrant voice, "You are flaring up, uh? I didn't expect you to have such a short temper. But dear child, I want you to listen to me and take my advice seriously. It is not for little boys who are exploring something and have peculiar curiosities about everything. The hunting is so dangerous that it can really take your life. What a pity if you lose your life at such a young age! You have many things to see and meaningful things to experience. Don't get yourself killed just because of your inane curiosity today.

I cannot describe to you how severe the evaluation will be this time. But from my past experience, the mere application for our Tiger Mercenary Team is way more difficult than ever before, not to mention there are other superior, well-established sect tests.

It goes without saying that the participants are required to have proficient ability. They need to be strong enough to stand up to those lethal blows. Look at you! You look so weak as if you are malnourished. I am afraid you will be thrown in the sky by one slight hit during the fight."

The woman began to giggle. While smiling seductively at him, her enchanting eyes studied Austin from head to toe, trying to flirt with him. She even stepped forward and stood only one inch away from him. With her being so close, Austin instantly smelled the fragrance that floated from her. The scent was like the one from a flower which spread its fragrance diligently in the atmosphere, and propelled it forward, to reach his nose.

This woman had been in this square from a long time. It was probably since the recruiting work of the Tiger Mercenary Team began. Having got acquainted with so many burly men who had come to sign up for the recruitment, she had already developed the habit of flirting with those men and indulging herself.

Now when she saw Austin, a peculiar sense of passion was kindled in her

rmation about the diabolic beasts present in the Sunset Mountain," he spoke out.

The information given by the woman about the evaluation test concerning the diabolic beast of the Sunset Mountain peaked his curiosity. He wished to know more about the beast from her.

However, by that time, many men started to come and were lining up behind him. They were all waiting for their turn to apply for the evaluation.

Left with no choice, the woman had to suspend their talk. "My young man, please take no offense if I have to chase you away now. Do you see those sordid and coarse men behind you? If I spend another minute talking with you, they will definitely fire up and punch you. As for me, I don't want to get myself fired just because of this trivial matter.

As for the diabolic beasts of the Sunset Mountain, you will know what it is if you apply for the evaluation. And you will know it better, after you have defeated it. Otherwise, investigating about a beast that you cannot match in strength is a delusional dream for you.

Being concerned about you, I am warning you. But it is you who has to decide whether you want to participate or not. So what do you think? Will you or will you not participate in the evaluation? Just give me a clear answer.

But handsome, if you are just trying to get close to me and all those questions of yours are mere excuses, then you don't need to try so hard. You can just come to me in the late afternoon today.

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