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   Chapter 648 Refining The Sunset Elixir

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"What did you just say, Austin? You're a level-four pill refiner?"

Michelle asked as doubt and hope both glinted in her eyes.

For her, level-four pill refiners were respectable and honorable elders.

However, the lad in front of her was not even twenty years old yet. It was hard for her to believe that he was already a level-four pill refiner.

But Austin had always been surprising others with his skills, and it was not new to Michelle. So she inferred that Austin was probably a pill refiner.

Austin smiled faintly and said, "Hurry up. Prepare the prescription and ingredients of the Sunset Elixir and bring them to my room.

I'll try and see if I can make some for you.''

He then turned and headed back to his room. 'According to Michelle, her mother is badly ill. The sooner I refine the Sunset Elixir, the more her mother is likely to recover, ' he thought.

"Austin, are you really a level-four pill refiner?" Michelle couldn't still help but ask Austin as his skill was not believable for a teenager. "Forgive me for asking. I just really can't believe it. All right. I'll do as you say."

Michelle was basking in astonishment and mirth. Just a few minutes ago, she was desperate, and now Austin's words rekindled the hope inside her. She was so thrilled that she couldn't help trembling slightly.

"I'll prepare the ingredients. See you later," she shouted excitedly, staring at Austin's back.

The moment Austin entered his room, Michelle turned around and sprinted to get the prescription and ingredients for the Sunset Elixir.

A few minutes later, Michelle emerged into Austin's room with all the things he needed.

"Miss Meng, I will let you know once I have made the elixir,"

Austin remarked as Michelle still stood before him. He was obviously dismissing her presence in his room.

Aware that pill refiners preferred to refine elixirs alone, the girl understood his remark.

She then took her leave and waited outside his room.

As he was left alone, Austin took out the purple herbal pot and placed it on the table.

He then started to read the prescription of the Sunset Elixir. It was until he knew and fully understood the method of making the elixir that he started to refine it.

Having successfully made over twenty fourth-grade Primordial Elixirs, Austin was adept in refining fourth-grade pills.

The steps of refining elixirs included burning it, extracting the liquid, mixing the essence of different elixirs, condensing the mixture, and getting it from the pot.

Austin placed the ingredients into the herbal pot one by one. Then, he activated the Scorching Evil Fire, and as the flame penetrated the herbal pot, he began the refine

lid expression on the latter's face disappeared.

"Miss, master is back,"

"Miss, master is back," a maid reported after getting inside the room.

"Invite my father here. He will be glad to know that mother can finally recover,"

Michelle instructed, still looking appeased at her mother's condition.

The servant followed and went on her way to find her master.

A couple of minutes later, Marwell came rushing into his wife's chamber.

"Sweetheart, your mother's illness could be cured?"

Marwell asked his daughter with rapture.

"Yes, it's true."

Michelle filled Marwell in on how Austin refined the Sunset Elixirs.

"What? Austin is a level-four pill refiner?

That's unbelievable!" the middle-aged man exclaimed in evident shock.

Marwell took the elixirs from Michelle and examined them. He recognized them as the Sunset Elixirs. His eyes then fell on his wife, who laid on the bed, and he found that she looked better than before, which highly comforted him.

"Dad, what's wrong with our mine?"

Michelle suddenly asked.

The middle-aged man's face dimmed as his daughter mentioned their mine.

He let out a long sigh.

"What's going on, Dad?"

Michelle urged, obviously worried with the long sigh his father gave off.

"Come to my study. I will tell you,"

Marwell replied and quickly glanced at his bedridden wife.

As they came to the study, Marwell still remained silent with a preoccupied expression.

"What's happening, Dad?" she queried, staring at her unhappy father.

"Half of the superior vital energy crystals we got from our mines have been robbed."


Michelle instantly turned pale upon hearing the horrifying news.

"Who would do that?" She couldn't help but wonder, noticeably annoyed and irate at what happened.

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