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   Chapter 647 I'm A Grade Four Elixir Refining Master

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"You were courting death. Well now you will die!

Kill him!"

It stunned Barstow when Austin broke his finger. But soon, he recovered from the shock and took out a kind of white powder from his Space Ring. He applied the white powder to his wound while hysterically shouting at the two men beside him.

The two men were his bodyguards, who his master had arranged for his personal safety.

The two bodyguards were both at the medium stage of the Sky Realm.

Hearing Barstow's order, they immediately moved forward and started an attack. Two strands of vital energy force gushed out from their bodies and stirred up the sand and stones in the yard.

One of the bodyguards used a broad and heavy knife as his weapon. He waved the knife and rushed towards Austin at an incredible speed, splitting through the air.

The other bodyguard's weapon was a silver-colored spear. When he shook the spear towards Austin, thousands of spear shadows instantly surrounded him.

From the density of their vital energy force and their perfect synchronization, Austin could tell that the two bodyguards were very experienced in practical combat.


Because of the powerful impact of the strong vital energy force, soil and stones rose into the air while the impact from the two forces instantly drilled a huge hole of several meters deep in the ground where Austin had been.

Seeing the impressive show of might, Barstow and the bodyguards' faces lit up.

"Hmph! How dare a nobody like you challenge me?"

Barstow snorted, looking at Austin with hatred.

"Ha-ha! Since you have shown no mercy, then I don't have to spare your lives!"

Austin shouted. Then he floated and stopped behind the two bodyguards. Above his head, a huge mountain appeared and cast a huge shadow, covering the whole yard. Soon, the yard plunged into darkness.

The hearts of the two bodyguards pounded at an alarming rate. They felt heavily suppressed and sensed a strong killing intent.


Austin shouted coldly.


Everyone present felt a violent vibration like there was an earthquake.

A huge hole of seven or eight meters deep and ten meters wide appeared in the yard, and at the bottom of the hole, there were two mangled corpses!

Barstow widened his eyes and unconsciously swallowed hard.

Looking at the two masses of mangled meat and blood, he couldn't believe that they were his bodyguards.

Shock and fear filled his eyes.

Once he was done, Austin restored the huge

ers, he rolled several rounds in the air before slamming to the ground. Then he rolled a dozen meters away and stopped.

Michelle's face flickered to see Barstow's mouth full of blood and his face swollen like a black and blue bun. She looked at Austin with a complex expression. Austin couldn't tell whether she was glad or angry. This slap was so hard and even if Barstow could recover, there would be many scars on his face.

"I will say this the last time. Get out of here!"

Barstow covered his face with his hands in reflex, when he saw Austin coming closer to him coldly, his eyelid twitched.

Finally, Barstow let out a miserable cry and managed to crawl to his feet. He rushed out as fast as he could, as he saw the killing intent in Austin's eyes.

'The young man who popped out of nowhere is a devil! He has decided to kill me!'

Barstow thought. In the blink of an eye, he had disappeared out of sight.

"Ha-ha! That's the most effective way to deal with such shameless guys,"

Smiling, Austin turned and said to Michelle who was still in shock.

"Austin, you screwed everything up!"

Michelle had just recovered from her shock. She stared at Austin and complained, stamping her foot.

Michelle was glad when Austin beat Barstow up. However, when she thought about her mother's illness, her joy turned to resentment.

"Ha-ha! Miss Meng, I know what you're worried about.

Will you be surprised if I say I'm a grade four elixir refiner?"

Austin suddenly said with a smile.


Michelle was shocked. She stood still as if she was nailed to the ground, looking at the young man who seemed thin and weak with disbelief.

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