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   Chapter 646 The Stage Four Refiner

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Marwell didn't say anything when they reached the entrance.

He waved his right hand and asked them to stop. He then turned to Michelle and said, "Why don't you take Austin away so he can have some rest? Find him the best room."


Michelle was a clever girl. She had sensed that something was off.

"Do as I say!"

Marwell urged her adamantly.


Michelle turned to Austin and said, "Follow me, please."

Austin glanced at Marwell, then quietly walked into the door behind her.

A young man from the Meng family remarked, "Who's that guy? Michelle was really nice to him!"

Another one said, "Yes, it's so weird. She is never nice to men."

The fact that she was politely leading a man so that he could take rest was enough to make people surprised. She had never done that before.

"Your house is so big and beautiful. I like it here,"

Austin said when they entered a capacious yard.


Michelle replied flatly. She looked worried and absent-minded.

"By the way, what's all this about the crystal mine?"

Austin asked.


Michelle paused in her steps for a moment, then she continued in her stride and said to Austin, "We have a lot of time to talk about it. Why don't you have a rest first?"

Austin realized she didn't want to talk about it. Consequently, he suppressed his curiosity and continued behind her.

"Okay. This is the guest room. You can rest here. We'll talk later."

Michelle said to him after stopping just outside a room.

Austin nodded.

"See you later."

Michelle turned around and left. Austin was a little intrigued by the sudden change in Michelle. He could remember that she was so cold and stubborn when they had met in the black forest, but now she was so soft and elegant.

The next day, Austin woke up at ten o'clock.

Marwell and Michelle were busy, so they asked a young man to take Austin to have breakfast. After he had finished, Austin took a walk around the grounds.

Suddenly he heard a commotion coming from somewhere.

"Stop! Barstow, let go of me!"

It was definitely Michelle's voice.

Austin was intrigued as to what was going on.

Michelle was the daughter of Meng family. Who would dare to be rude to her?

He quietly walked over towards the source of the noise.

The voice led him· to an isolated yard. The yard was covered with different kinds of plants. The plants created a cool and a peaceful atmosphere.

There were stone tables and chairs in the yard. Austin surmised this was where the guests were entertained.

Several people were standing besides the stone table. They were the ones creating the noise.

Amongst them was a handsome young man wearing a long apricot yellow gown. He looked slick haired and well-dressed, but smiled evilly. His demeanor w

ou. I'm already a refiner of stage three.

My master told me that he will help me. It's likely that I'll be a refiner of stage four in a few years.

Uncountable girls in the Stone City want to marry me, but I don't like any of them.

Michelle, it'll be good for your family if you decide to marry me.

You'll be the wife of a refiner of stage four. Can you imagine that?

I can provide all the elixirs you need, even to all the people in your family.

Well, Michelle, do you need to know more to decide?"

Barstow was confident that he had convinced Michelle. He walked to her and tried to hug her.

Michelle pushed him away. Frustrated, she began crying.

This was too much for Austin to bear. He came out of his hiding place.

"Hey, you! Keep your hands off the girl!"

Barstow was about to get close to Michelle, but was interrupted by a voice. A young man was walking to them with a purpose.

"Austin! What's he doing here?"

Michelle thought.

"Who the hell are you? You'd better get lost before I come at you. Did you not hear me? You filthy dog! Don't make me come to you!"

Barstow was pissed at the intrusion.

Austin looked like a child to Barstow, possibly from the Meng family. Barstow didn't think he would have to show some respect.

"Quite arrogant aren't we?"

Austin disappeared, and suddenly appeared ·right in front of Barstow. He grabbed one of Barstow's hands and twisted it.

With a crack.

The finger that Barstow was pointing menacingly at Austin had broken.

"Holy shit!"

Barstow was astonished by what happened. He couldn't expect a boy of Meng family dared to fight against him—the most famous young refiner in Stone City.

"Austin, what has gotten into you?"

Michelle was shocked.

Barstow was a bastard. But he was the only man who could save her mother. How could Austin treat him like that?

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