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   Chapter 645 Stone City

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"Austin, what is your next destination?"

Marwell was walking beside Austin as he asked him.

"Well...My next destination...

I am not sure yet. I am thinking where I should go now.

Is there a sect called the Magic Hand Sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom?"

Austin enquired.

According to Angus, he had established a sect called the Magic Hand Sect several hundred years ago. And Ariadne, who was in the Magic Hand Sect, was his daughter. Austin felt it was appropriate for him to start from the Magic Hand Sect.

"Magic Hand Sect!

Surely, it is there in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It is a top-level sect with a long history spanning several hundred years.

In the Magic Hand Sect, there are many masters. The sect itself is extremely powerful.

The leader of the Magic Hand Sect, is a top-level master in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It is beyond imagination how powerful he is.

Besides, in the Magic Hand Sect, there are many pill refiners. Most people in the Magic Hand Sect are good at refining elixirs too.

It could easily be said that half of the outstanding experts in pill refining in Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom are the people of the Magic Hand Sect.

But Austin, why are you interested in the Magic Hand Sect? Why do you ask about it? Does it mean something to you?"

Marwell was curious and asked.

"No, it doesn't. I heard about the sect and was curious to know about it.

Tell me, what is the last name of the Magic Hand Sect's leader? Is it Huangpu?"

Austin asked. He wanted to make sure about it before he decided to travel.

"Yes, his last name is Huangpu.

The Magic Hand Sect has made a mark for itself as a leading sect. It doesn't come as a surprise to me that you have heard about it.

Austin, as you are new here, you may not know enough about the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

How about you staying in our Meng Family in Stone City for some time, I will share what I know about the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom with you in detail during your stay.

After you get familiar with the Kingdom, you could decide what to do next. You can leave the Meng Family after that."

Austin thought about it for a while and then nodded in agreement. What Marwell had said was quite reasonable. He was new to that place and it wasn't advisable for him to fly blindly in unknown territories.

So it was safe to stay in the Meng Family in Stone City and gather enough information about the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. It was to be done first. Later, he could make other plans.

"That sounds good. Thank you, Marwell."

Austin said, being grateful for Marwell's hospitality.

Marwell was quite glad that Austin was willing to stay in the Meng Family. At such a young age, Austin was already at the Sky Realm, which showed that he was an exceptionally talented cultivator.

Marwell could imagine how powerful Austin would become as he grew older. There was no doubt that Austin would reach the peak of martial skills one day.

He felt that becoming a friend of Austin, such a super genius, would bring benefits to him and the Meng Family in the future.

He wasn't aware of the reason that brought Austin there. While

ed of women. But Austin, don't look down upon them. They are stronger than you think."

Austin and Marwell walked side by side all along the way. Whenever they got an opportunity, Marwell shared the information about the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom with Austin, including its various sects and its geographical and topographic features and so on.

The information Marwell provided enabled Austin to know more about the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Austin was making a mental note of it all, so that he knew how he should go about during his stay there.

After about eleven days, they finally reached Stone City. It was a small city in the northwest part of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

When they arrived in Stone City, it was dusk.

Standing atop the carriage, Austin looked at the old city which was shining brightly in the setting sun. It was medium-sized and not very lavishly developed. But from its exterior, its long history could be identified.

Austin followed the members of the Meng Family as he walked into Stone City.

After walking in a spacious street for an hour, a group of luxurious buildings came in Austin's view. They covered a vast area. The pavilions, terraces and towers looked magnificent.

"Our leader is back!"

The soldiers who were guarding the door shouted out excitedly on seeing Marwell and the others.

Suddenly everything became noisy. Austin saw many people rush out from the house enthusiastically.

Several men aged between forty and fifty, strode out from the house. The other disciples all bowed to show their respect to the men. Apparently, these men were renowned members of the Meng Family.

"Your grace, you are finally back!"

"Your grace, sorry to bother you with it now, but we have got some trouble! There is something wrong with the crystal area that we manage."

The men who seemed to be in high position in the Meng Family walked up to Marwell in a hurry and whispered to him anxiously.

On hearing their words, the smile on Marwell's face immediately disappeared. He didn't expect trouble to be waiting for him the instant he reached Stone City.

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