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   Chapter 644 Back To The Dragon Kingdom

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The people of the Meng clan were on high alert after they had heard that the six scorpion-tailed leopards were approaching. Those at the Sky Realm strode towards Austin and stood beside him, intending to help him deal with them.

Noticing that they were mistakenly vigilant, Austin smiled and explained hurriedly, "Cool down, guys. They will not hurt us."


"What do you mean, kid? How do you know that?"

Everyone looked at Austin with baffled eyes.

Instead of answering their questions, Austin looked at six beasts and said, "Sit down!"

The six leopards paused immediately and squatted down like obedient cats.

"Back off!"

Austin said, gently.

The six leopards stood up and took a dozen steps backwards submissively. At this point, they looked more like pets to be cuddled than savage beasts.

"What's going on? "

The members of Meng clan present couldn't believe what was unfolding in front of them. The six diabolic beasts were taking orders from Austin and following them meekly!

"Austin, are you controlling them with some spiritual sense martial skill?" Marwell inquired.

Since he had reached the premium stage of Sky Realm, his spiritual sense was strong. He was definitely well-acquainted with the spiritual sense martial skills.

Besides, he had observed Austin making some finger signs at the six scorpion-tailed leopards as if he was casting a spell. He had instantly put two and two together.

Austin laughed. "You're really an observant cultivator. Yes, the six diabolic beasts are under my control. They'll not be a threat to us," he admitted honestly.

The Sky Realm cultivators were shocked at his capabilities.

Their curiosity had instantly been piqued.

'This boy was able to control six ninth-grade diabolic beasts with his spiritual sense martial skill! He must have an amazingly well-developed spiritual sense. Perhaps the spiritual sense martial skill he had just displayed is a high-grade one, ' they talked among themselves.

Moreover, what had just transpired had finally

replaced by a tender one. He knew the sudden change in her attitude stemmed from him saving her family members from getting killed.

She had beautiful, arched eyebrows and had only applied a light make-up. Although she wasn't as stunning as Ivy and Sue, she was still charming in her own way.

Suddenly their eyes met. The next second, Michelle looked away and her pretty face blushed.

Mance came to the window on his horse. With a smile, he said to Austin, "Austin, we can leave this forest four hours later."

Since last night, he showed more respect to Austin. He didn't make fun of him once. In the Prime Martial World, people honored fighters, and respected them. Although he was young, his cultivation base was high enough for the other cultivators to respect him.

Truth be told, Austin preferred that Mance would tease him from time to time.

However, since he couldn't do anything about that, he let out a loud sigh. 'Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, here I come, ' he thought.

Four hours later, as the sun rose and the first few rays touched the ground, the team left the forest. Looking at the village in the horizon, the crowd was cheerful.

"Oh, we're finally going home!"

The members of Meng clan exclaimed joyously.

"Let's get going," Marwell announced loudly, as the caravan began moving.

They marched forward with purpose.

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