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   Chapter 643 Don't Be So Cocky

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Austin had taken a fancy to the six scorpion-tailed leopards and from the beginning, he had a soft spot for them, therefore, he couldn't bear to crush them to death.

The beast was surprisingly tough. It took a long time to struggle and slowly pull itself on its feet after being thrown several hundred meters away. Its body was badly damaged to an extent that it was difficult to tell the difference between flesh and blood. Streams of blood gushed out of its body, making it look like a punctured sack.

The other people in the woods could not help gulping their saliva in fear. Austin stood still, holding the purple vital stone in his hand. He gave off the image of an extremely imposing figure presiding over heaven and earth despite his thin stature.

At that moment, the thin figure suddenly looked like a giant man standing upright on two legs between heaven and earth!

Everybody from the Meng Clan was dumbfounded. 'Is this terrible fellow just a teenager of less than twenty years old?' they pondered.

The scene also shocked Michelle who was standing behind Austin, she could not talk. Gazing at Austin's figure from behind, some faint brilliance was glowing in her beautiful eyes.

As the saying goes, beautiful women always love heroes; this was similar to the maiden's sentiments. Michelle was no exception. Watching Austin, she felt like giving her heart to him without him asking for it.

She had been dead set against Austin following the Meng Clan's troops and she thought that he would be a burden. But Austin had saved two of her sisters successively.

Moreover, his fighting skills were more superior as compared to every other man in the Meng Clan, including their Clan Leader Marwell.

"Thank you."

Michelle slightly opened her small flushed mouth and whispered. It was only now that she had realized what terrible and powerful abilities the young man who had been thought to be a drag on his feet had.

"Go and keep an eye on Joyce. I will deal with these beasts."

Austin suddenly waved his wrist and said to Michelle, she looked lost in her thought. He didn't even turn his head back to speak to Michelle, nor did he respond to her gratitude.

"You… … ..."

"Hmm, you are just a little stronger than the others, but still that's no excuse for you to be so stuck-up!"

For Michelle, Austin's actions were offensive. He had totally ignored her and did not even respond to her word of gratitude. He was totally oblivious to her.

Without reconsidering her actions, she got angry and blurted the words.

Then she ran to Joyce and held her in her arms.

"This is…"

Austin wore a wry smile on his face when he heard Michelle's words and wondered, 'The female mind is really s

es on Austin suddenly felt a little restless, one of them even stepped half an inch backward quietly.

Austin watched the scorpion-tailed leopard that had moved half an inch backward and was ready to flee, giving a hint of a smile. The spiritual sense grand array flew over its head and went into its brain as Austin urged his thought.

It struggled irritably briefly before it gradually grew quiet. Finally, it looked at Austin tamely and meekly.

With no hesitation, Austin applied the Beast-subduing Skill again.

He formed five spiritual sense grand arrays, aiming at the other five scorpion-tailed leopards. Soon they were all subdued and cast the same look on Austin.

After using the Beast-subduing Skill six times, Austin eventually felt the residual after-effects of using so much of his vital energy among them faint dizziness in his Soul Sea.

It seemed the Beast-subduing Skill could consume a great amount of spiritual sense.

Austin called with a wry smile.

"Come here."

He gave a command to his six diabolic beasts.

They walked towards him meekly and gently.

"Be careful, the six beasts are about to attack you!"

Seeing the six scorpion-tailed leopards surrounding Austin, everyone from the Meng Clan grew a little worried about Austin's safety. Although they had seen how powerful he was, he was still surrounded by six diabolic beasts in the ninth-level who would be difficult to fight at the same time.

"Brother Austin, I will help you!"

Marwell leaped over with his saber.

"Little brother Austin, I will also help you!"

Mance also rushed toward him.

Even Michelle also held a long sword and jumped over, leaving Joyce to another clansman.

Several clan's warriors whose cultivation base was in the Sky Realm all walked to Austin's side to meet the beasts.

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