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   Chapter 642 That Is A Level Nine Diabolic Beast

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"You asked for it!" said Austin.

All eyes were trained on Austin. Feeling their glances, he just smiled. And then, in the blink of an eye, he stretched his left hand and scooped Joyce into his arms.

Then, he raised his right hand, and something appeared above his palm. It was the purple vital stone! The vital energy began to gush out of his body and concentrate itself into the purple vital stone.

Having absorbed enough vital energy, the purple vital stone jumped mid-air and quickly expanded into a towering mountain that was over 30 meters high and 10 meters wide. It looked like a giant beast crouching in the dark. The scene was so creepy that it made people's hair stand on end.

Austin waved his hand to control the purple vital stone. In the next instant, it flew toward the leopard gator kings.

"Bang! Bang!"

Two loud sounds echoed through the clearing as the purple vital stone struck the two leopard gator kings that had appeared to be so menacing. The ear-splitting sounds made everyone's eardrums ache. Then, the two leopard gator kings disappeared.

Only two pits, eight or nine meters deep, were left where the creatures had been.

At the bottom of the pits lay a melange pile of ruptured flesh and broken bones. The creatures had died instantly from the attack.

Dead silence fell over the clearing.

No matter human-being or diabolic beast, they all focused their gaze on Austin. Every creature's eyes had become as wide as saucers. None could believe what they had just witnessed.

They were surprised to see that such a handsome young man, who looked rather thin and weak, and who was less than twenty years old, had the strength to mangle two level eight leopard gator kings badly in only one shot.

He had killed them as easily as if he were killing ants!

'Father was right. He is, indeed, an unusual person. In my opinion, his strength is simply amazing, '

Michelle thought as she placed a hand over her open mouth. The astonishment in her eyes was hard to conceal.

After recovering from the shock, she pulled herself together and searched for Joyce. Happiness reflected in her expression when she saw that Joyce was safe.

Then she heaved a sigh of relief and called Joyce's name.

After the shock, all members of the Meng Clan cheered simultaneously for Austin's excellent performance. A round of applause went up in the audience.

"Is that freaking you out?"

Austin asked softly as he rubbed his big hand on Joyce's tiny back.

"I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'm surprised that you are so awesome!"

Joyce exclaimed with an adoring look on her face. She was so clever that when she saw the other people commend Austin for his powerful strength, she knew that he was extraordinary.


The six scorpion-tailed leopards released a guttural growl. Aware that the young man was not as weak as they had expected him to be, they glared at Austin with caution.

What's more, Austin's actions had enraged the six scorpion-tailed leopards. They were no

p of his toe. Instantly, he disappeared from the spot.

Austin's speed was so fast that in no time, he appeared in-between Michelle and the scorpion-tailed leopard.

Seeing the sudden appearance of a person between her and the creature, Michelle was stunned. Then her expression changed.

Staring at Austin's back, she scolded, "Are you courting death? That is a level nine diabolic beast!"

Ignoring her reproach, Austin pretended that he hadn't heard her. He quickly held out his hand, and a purple vital stone appeared on his palm. He concentrated his vital energy into the purple vital stone, and it immediately began to expand. When it reached a considerable size, Austin threw it at the scorpion-tailed leopard.


In the next second, the purple vital stone slammed into the rough body of the scorpion-tailed leopard that had been hurtling toward Michelle. A deafening sound drowned the other battle noises in the clearing.

The air seemed to have solidified. And then, robust vital energy, which was visible to the naked eye, began to surge.


The mud began soaring from the ground like dragons before exploding mid-air and finally pouring down.


All the humans stopped to watch. The creature released an angry roar as the mud around it exploded. Following the sound, they saw the huge scorpion-tailed leopard being knocked away like a projectile. It slammed its feet into the ground as it tried to defend against Austin's attack. Four deep trenches could be seen as the scorpion-tailed leopard was pushed back dozens of feet.


As the scorpion-tailed leopard glided on the ground, it not only knocked down many huge trees but also smashed several stones in the forest. In an instant, the earth began to tremble, and the mountain swayed. The whole world seemed to be covered in dust and noise.

Seeing this, Austin regretted his recklessness.

"Mmm... Was I too forceful? I shouldn't have been so aggressive. It will be a big loss if it is dead."

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