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   Chapter 641 Please Don't Let Me Down

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While the members of the Meng Clan were fighting the other beasts, the scorpion-tailed leopards were watching from the side. After some time, they stopped observing silently. They turned to the crowd of humans and roared ferociously.

Their roars were louder than a lion's, and the ear-splitting sounds stunned and nearly deafened the humans.

Obviously, these six, strong diabolic beasts had decided to join the fight.

They moved their pillar-like hooves and dashed toward the members of the Meng Clan. From afar, it appeared as though several rolling hills were heading for the humans.

Bang bang bang! Despite their massive bodies, they moved at a significantly high speed. The scorpion-tailed leopards rampaged through the forest with unstoppable momentum.

As their heavy steps slammed into the ground, it felt as if an earthquake was rocking the area.

The expressions on the human cultivators' faces changed dramatically when they saw the scorpion-tailed leopards heading toward them.

Marwell wielded his broad blade and cut several demonic beasts in half with his strategic attacks. He stomped on the ground before darting for the scorpion-tailed leopards, blocking their way forward. As his vigorous vital energy burst from his body, he swung his blade at his enemies.


A strong wave of Marwell's vital energy force spread to the scorpion-tailed leopards, carrying a streak of blade radiance. The force he had used was so great that it swept layers of dust from the ground. Then it charged at the leading scorpion-tailed leopard.


The sound of clanging escalated as Marwell's weapon hit his opponent. His vital energy force exploded on the scorpion-tailed leopard's body, and the enormous power he had released managed to ward off the beast.

The scorpion-tailed leopard released an angry moan after being attacked.

Its body trembled violently as if it had been struck by lightning, and it was forced a dozen steps back.

Marwell was at the premium stage of the Sky Realm, which was equivalent to a level nine diabolic beast such as the scorpion-tailed leopard. In other words, they were close rivals in terms of their cultivation base.

Nonetheless, Marwell had an excellent understanding of his weapon, and he had grasped level eight blade intent. Both of these contributed to his attack damage and worked to his advantage in the fight.

For that reason, he managed to beat the scorpion-tailed leopard back with his first attack.

However, his attack didn't hurt

bounced off as soon as they collided with the beasts' strong bodies. Due to the immense counterforce, the cultivators' bodies were knocked from the ground and fell some distance away.

Although other cultivators also wanted to rescue Austin and Joyce, they were too far away to reach them in time. They had no other choice but to watch the beasts approaching the two.

The situation forced Marwell to go all out. He wielded his blade and managed to beat back the scorpion-tailed leopard fighting with him, again. His eyes widened in fear as he looked at Austin and Joyce.


Michelle cried out in alarm, frustrated by the fact that she had no way of helping the girl.

Other members of the Meng Clan also shouted out.

With no other option, they focused their gaze at Austin and pinned their hopes on him.

Previously, they had vaguely sensed that this young man wasn't as simple as he appeared.

They had no way of knowing for sure what Austin was capable of. They had only guessed what Austin's cultivation base might be. Nobody knew what his real strength was.

And now, the truth was about to reveal itself. Everyone wondered nervously how Austin would act now that he had to face the two beasts.

"God, please don't let me down! Please give him the power to save Joyce!"

Michelle folded her hands over her chest as she whispered a prayer.

The same thought occurred to Marwell and the other clansmen. Everyone wished for Austin and the girl's safety.

As if aware of what was going on in these humans' minds, the scorpion-tailed leopards also stopped their attacks and watched how the young man would deal with the two beasts in front of him!

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