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   Chapter 640 The Scorpion-tailed Leopard

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After watching the battle rage for a while, Austin found that the members of the Meng Clan demonstrated excellent fighting experience. Facing the beasts that far outnumbered them, each of them showed intense calm and focus while they were fighting.

There was a tacit cooperation between them. Each three cultivators joined in a small formation. The sharp swords in their hands were touched by rippling vital energy forces, which easily pierced the diabolic beasts coming at them.

Dozens of small meat grinder groups were formed. Around them, blood sprayed into the air and animal carcasses accumulated into piles like small mountains.

Crimson blood turned the ground slick and the soil was stained a bloody red. The metallic smell of spilled blood filled the air, while the mournful howls of the beasts spread throughout the forest.

Marwell, the head of the Meng Clan, was at the premium stage of Sky Realm. He was now standing at the front together with three medium stage of Sky Realm cultivators and five preliminary stage of Sky Realm cultivators. The nine Sky Realm cultivators in total were now defending at the forefront of the ranks, blocking all of the level eight demons and diabolic beasts.

The rest of the Meng Clan's descendants, whose cultivation bases were less than the Mysterious Realm, were responsible for guarding of the rear and the two sides of the team. They mainly dealt with the level six or seven demons and diabolic beasts.

The level six beasts had the same strength as human beings at the preliminary stage of the Mysterious Realm.

And the level seven beasts had the same strength as human beings cultivating at the medium stage of Mysterious Realm or the premium stage of Mysterious Realm.

However, the level eight beasts could compete with any human cultivators at the preliminary stage of Sky Realm or the medium stage of Sky Realm in terms of strength.

Therefore, the division of skills and tasks, in this enemy-facing formation, were very appropriate, and it had also elevated their combat effectiveness to its strongest state.

However, the demons and diabolic beasts were cruel by nature. Although the beasts that rushed ahead had been constantly cut down, the beasts behind them turned blind eyes to the suffering of those who had been mutilated, and still rushed forward to attack in a most violent manner.

The members of the Meng Clan, under the desperate blitz of demons and diabolic beasts, were also constantly being injured or killed during this battle.

However, the Meng Clan had finally begun to gradually occupy the dominant position in this area, and slowly stabilized their formation, while the number of demons and diabolic beasts were slowly decreasing. As the battle raged on, more and more animal carcasses piled up beneath the trees of the forest, like ripened fruit, dripping bloody juices into the forest loam.

"Bang-bang-bang-bang!" ... At the most fierce moment of the battle in the woods, the ground suddenly began to tremble violently.

ay and fight with you!"

Michelle also cried softly at this time.


Stop talking!

If Joyce gets hurt, it's your responsibility!"

Marwell looked furious and shouted at her angrily, though his voice was thick with emotion.

Michelle had never been scolded by her father in such a scathing tone before. Her eyes could not help but tear up at his forceful rebuke.

Austin had seen all of this with his own eyes and felt their warmth in his heart. It seemed that this clan was really very united, and they were truly affectionate to each other.

"Austin, after a while, you must break out of the encirclement together with them.

If something happens that we cannot take good care of you, please forgive us! We will have tried our best!"

Marwell said to Austin after issuing orders to the other clan members.

"Ha-ha, Leader, do not be so courteous, I can take care of myself."

Austin thanked him gratefully. At that moment, it was impossible for Austin to further keep himself out of the fray. After a while, of course, he was going to have to enter the field.

While Marwell gave orders to his clan members, the six scorpion-tailed leopards turned about to scan all the people in the forest with playful expressions in their eyes. They seemed to enjoy seeing Marwell taking charge and set out the field against them.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Let's start fighting!"

Marwell bellowed in a powerful voice. The troops of the Meng Clan assembled again, forming a fighting formation.

"Howl!" the scorpion-tailed leopard standing in the front growled in a deep voice.

the scorpion-tailed leopard standing in the front growled in a deep voice. The remaining diabolic beasts from the battle just now gathered again and immediately came forward to tightly surround the crowd.

"Kill them!"

The clan members let loose an earth-shaking cry of bravado and rushed at the diabolic beasts in front of them with weapons held high in their hands.

The battle ensued again.

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