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   Chapter 639 A Big Fight In The Woods

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As the team marched on, the woods began to grow dark around them. There was a nervous tension among the group members, a kind of unease that everyone shared. It increased as the night fell. Everyone held their weapons more tightly as if trying to ease the tension.

In the dimly-lit forest, people's sight was limited, and their senses dulled. Even a good fighter would find it hard to perform his best under these circumstances. As the Meng Clan was traveling in the darkness, their speed had reduced, thus making them vulnerable.

Many beasts and demons, on the other hand, were born to survive and thrive during the night as the darkness served to sharpen their senses.

As Mance often said, the night was the perfect stage for beasts and demons to attack and kill.

"Let's camp here!"

Marwell's deep voice came from in front of the line. Now that the night had fully fallen, he knew that it was unsafe to continue traveling. After careful consideration, he halted and gave the order.

Hearing Marwell's words, members of the Meng Clan stopped and began to put up their tents. After a while, they had occupied a clearing in the woods.

After that, the men started to build simple fortifications around the area. It was obvious that the Meng Clan were experienced with camping in the wild.

Austin could not do much when it came to things like this—he had little experience with camping. And so, he sat in the carriage and watched the busy men.

"Austin, you ought to be more careful at night in these kinds of woods, you know," Mance approached him and said.

"Things might get easier tomorrow. We only have a half day of travel left before we leave this dark forest," he said.

Mance seemed to be in the mood for a chat after ensuring that the work was done.

"I will. Don't worry,"

Austin nodded and said with a smile.

"Well, here is the thing, bro. I was wondering if you would watch Joyce tonight,"

Mance asked, quite suddenly but sincerely while looking at the cute, little girl who had also come to Austin's side to play with him.

Truth be told, Patriarch Marwell wasn't the only one who appreciated Austin. Mance too could somehow feel that this young man was not ordinary. Although he was traveling with them, the leaders hadn't figured out why they felt like this about Austin. Perhaps he was a hidden master or a powerful cultivator.

"Rest assured, Mance. I'll look after her. She'll be fine,"

Austin replied with a reassuring smile.

"Thanks so much!"

Mance cupped his hands and nodded to express his gratitude.

Austin had been calm and composed during the journey. He never showed any signs of panic regardless of what challenges they encountered. This led Mance to believe that the young man was extraordinary.

After all, most men of Austin's age could barely hide their fear after learning that five or six beasts of level nine were at their heels.

Austin was clearly not one of them. Mance never saw a worried expression on the young man's face, which spoke volumes about his character. It also justified their confidence in Austin.

So, when Austin agreed to protect Joyce, Mance felt assured. Joyce was such a lovely girl that every member of the Meng Clan adored her. Mance certainly wanted her to be safe since he also liked the girl very much.

Soon, everything was shrouded in darkness. It was pitch dark in the woods, and almost nothing could be seen around the campsite. Even though th

on this dangerous night.

He swung the axes around in a flat sidearm slash with his weight behind it and took both arms of a violent ape instantly. He then swung a backhand and smashed the armless monster's head without hesitation. It was an excellent strike.

"Come on! Kill them all!" cried the rest of the Meng Clan excitedly. It seemed that they were encouraged by Mance's first kill and his momentum.

Raising their weapons above their heads, they met the monsters bravely. A desperate struggle was then launched.

Soon, they were wrestling with hundreds of monsters. As swords and claws met time and again, killing intent could be seen in everyone's eyes. In this life and death situation, everyone was trying to fight their way out.

Michelle was fighting bravely as well. She did not look it, but she had refined at the preliminary stage of the Sky Realm. She was using her sword very well, too. Wielding it gracefully, she made a powerful sword aura that struck down more than one beast at a time. From how well she used her sword and the power of the sword aura, it could be said that her sword intent had reached level seven.

Even a level eight beast couldn't take her life. Her sword rose and fell, and after a flurry of blows, the beast fell back after being sliced through by her blade.

The deadly fight had broken the silence in the dark woods, which was now filled with the keening of beasts and the ringing of metal. It was literally boiling up as the trees around rustled fiercely as if the chaos had woken them.

The sound of men shouting and beasts roaring was carried by the wind and shook the woods far from the battlefield.

Guarded by the Meng Clan in the middle, Austin was still quite safe at the moment.

Watching them fight the bloody battle and try their best to protect him, he was both touched and embarrassed. Now, it seemed that he had become an outsider.

What surprised him the most, however, was that Joyce didn't seem to be afraid at all. It appeared as though she had gotten quite used to this kind of dangerous and bloody scene.

On the contrary, she watched the fight unfold without batting an eye. She would even clap her hands excitedly when the battle became more violent, her wide and innocent eyes twinkling. "Beat it! Finish it!" she shouted.

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