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   Chapter 638 The Crisis Of The Meng Clan

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"Yes. I'm lost. What should I do?"

Austin smiled gently when he looked at the cute girl. He couldn't help teasing her.

"Don't worry. I'll ask my father to help you find your way out of here,"

Joyce said with a serious expression as she patted her chest with her chubby hand. Austin burst into laughter.

"Thank you. I'm relieved now,"

he said, touching Joyce's head playfully.

When Michelle saw that Austin was so gentle while speaking with Joyce, her face softened a little. However, her attitude was still unfriendly.

"You can stay with us for a few days, but don't expect us to do anything more. You will be safe in the protection ring. But if the demonic beast catches you, none of us can save you!"

With that, she held Joyce's hand and walked toward the other members with her. When Joyce looked back and made a face at him, Austin laughed.

'I was right. The team is being followed by something, ' he thought.

Austin stretched himself and released his spiritual sense power. He detected that something seemed to be watching them from somewhere in the thick forest.

"I hope I can get the hell out of here soon!" he murmured.

Sitting in the cart, Austin observed the people as they looked around cautiously. From their serious expressions, he could tell that the demonic beasts had harried this team in the recent past. Austin was a little surprised because usually, demonic beasts wouldn't hunt people liked this, even though they were powerful and brutal. He wondered what the Meng Clan had done to make the demonic beasts come after them like this.

"Ha-ha! Austin, drink some water."

When Austin was lost in thought, he heard someone laugh. He raised his head and saw a middle-aged man throwing a water bag toward him. He picked up the water bag and smiled at that man.

The middle-aged man who spoke was called Mance. He was a master at the medium stage of the Sky Realm. From his age and his cultivation level, Austin could tell that his seniority in the clan was high and he was very influential in this team. Like Marwell, Mance was straight and generous, so Aus

tched Michelle leave.

"Ha-ha! Austin, don't pay too much attention to that. Michelle is a nice girl. She doesn't want to put our clan in danger. She looks aggressive, but she is actually a warm-hearted person. The food you got today was brought to you on her special orders.

We came here to find the elixir that will save our Clan Leader's wife. She is Michelle's mother.

Because she worries about her mother's health, Michelle might seem a little impatient sometimes,"

Mance came closer to Austin and explained to him with a smile.

"I am not offended," Austin replied with a smile.

Now he understood why Michelle seemed unfriendly toward him.

"Take care of yourself. It's not wise to join a team in danger."

Mance patted Austin on the shoulder as he sighed.

Austin nodded. From the anxious expression on Mance's face, he knew he was worried that the six diabolic beasts might overtake them.

After talking with Austin for a short while, Mance left.

'Six level nine diabolic beasts is not a big deal.'

Looking at the anxious expressions of the people around him, Austin smiled slightly.

"Austin, are you scared?"

Joyce came to Austin and questioned him.

Perhaps the little girl was curious about Austin as he was the only outsider in the team.

"Ha-ha! I'm not scared. I'm a brave man!"

Austin waved his fist and then patted Joyce on the head with a smile.

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