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   Chapter 637 An Encounter In The Woods

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A month had passed.

Austin was deep inside the woods.

The forest, occupying a vast area, had several mountains and huge trees which were hundreds of meters tall. They could be seen everywhere, totally covering the sky and sun above with their moist filling the entire area.

It was also home to all kinds of diabolic beasts.

However, even if a tenth-grade diabolic beast would appear, Austin wouldn't be scared at all. His fast progress in his martial arts skills had rendered him powerful against high-level beasts.

If there were diabolic beasts stronger than tenth-grade ones, Austin could detect their existence with his spiritual sense. And he would avoid them instead of wasting his energy and strength fighting with them.

Therefore, Austin hadn't gotten into any trouble.

After traveling for a month, he stopped to take a break one day.

He took out a map, opened it, and studied the route intently. Violet and the gnome crunched down, staring at the map with Austin.

"According to the route, we'll arrive at the border of Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom," he said, pointing at somewhere on the map.

After a month's journey, Austin was finally going to set foot in the territory of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"Oh? Someone is over there!"

Austin muttered to himself as he had sensed people approaching with his spiritual sense.

"Let's go and join them. I guess they are from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. Perhaps I can get some information about the kingdom from them."

Austin took the lead. He advanced forward through the woods at lightning speed.

A thick fog enveloped the whole field, making a dozen people stand on their ground, back-to-back, alertly studying their surroundings. Demonic beasts reeking with a strong smell of blood emerged and dashed towards them.

Bang! The people released an enormous vital energy force in unison, shattering the beasts into pieces.

"Those beasts are so annoying!

Marwell, when will they stop attacking us like this?" one man among the group whined as he wiped the blood that splattered on his face.

He slaughtered a demonic beast with one strike.

"Just focus. We'll be safe after we get out of here," answered a hunky middle-aged man with a large black sword in his hand.

When he wielded his sword, it released a destructive power. Any beast who would be hit and make contact with the metal would be blasted to death.

Austin sensed that this middle-aged man was the best cultivator among the group as he had reached the premium stage of the Sky Realm. Even with a legion of demonic beasts constantly attacking, he didn't show any sign of panic. Instead, he waved his sword and killed them in an instant.

At this point, they were besieged by

his young man is still young, not even on his twenties. He appeared in this forest alone, and he doesn't look afraid.

High-level diabolic beasts live here, but he shows no sign of fear. There is only one explanation for this: his cultivation base is high.'

After being the head of a clan for years, the middle-aged man had become a keen observer. He speculated that Austin wasn't a common lad who had not learned any martial arts.

"Nice to meet you, too. I'm Marwell Meng, the head of a small city- Stone City in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

These are my daughters, Michelle and Joyce. The rest are my clan members," the middle-aged man introduced, laughing heartily.

The clan head was evidently enthusiastic. Austin had formed a reasonable opinion of him as his last name was the same as Evan's––his best friend.

"Hello, Marwell," Austin greeted, flashing a cheeky smile.

'Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom deserved its reputation.

Even a clan head of a small city has reached the premium stage of Sky Realm.

But in Violet Orchid Empire, the emperor himself is just at the premium stage of Sky Realm, ' he remarked inside.

With a laugh, Marwell lightly patted Austin's shoulder and said, "Make yourself comfortable, Austin. You can have some rest as we'll be taking a break. I guess we can get out of this forest tomorrow."

He then turned around and made his way to his men.

As the middle-aged man walked away, Michelle turned to Austin and warned coldly, "Hump! Dad has a kind heart. You better behave yourself or else I'll end your life."

The stunning daughter of the clan head was evidently hostile to him. However, Austin didn't give a damn about it.

"I'm so sorry that you lost your way," the endearing little girl said.

While saying this, she fixed her big, sparkling eyes at Austin.

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