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   Chapter 636 One Chased And The Other Escaped (Part Two)

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"You just created such a huge ruckus in my city and now want to leave? How can I allow you to go without an explanation?"

The head of the Full Moon City too stayed on course, just behind Austin.

As both cultivators applied the best of the skills, after some time, the distance between the two shortened again.

The head of the Full Moon City stretched his hand again to grab hold of Austin.

Instantly, the gigantic many acres-sized vital energy palm appeared behind Austin again.

But before Austin could respond like earlier to the vital energy palm, an idea occurred to him. Austin hesitated to implement it but then made up his mind to go ahead.

With gritted teeth, he said to himself, 'Okay. These things really are useless now that I have made tremendous progress in the recent past. So I can stop and confront the head with those.'

Now, Austin took the corpse nourishing bag out from his waist and patted it. Instantly ten black lights flew out from the bag, flickering tetchily between them. Soon enough, ten corpse generals with dense corpse miasma filed in two lines. Five of them charged at the huge vital energy palm and the other five sprung towards the Full Moon City.

At the same time, Austin turned around and under the gaze of the head of the Full Moon City, he used his Demon-creating Skill.

As soon as he was done, Austin turned back and started to quickly flee from the scene.

Inside the head of the Full Moon City's Soul Sea, a spiritual demon appeared. It roared and then charged towards the spiritual souls drifting inside the Soul Sea.

'Well then, you have actually learned the spiritual sense martial arts?

From the looks of it, you seem well-qualified, ' thought the head of the Full Moon City and sighed.

His mind of course, was trained in using the skills of the spiritual sense martial arts and so he summoned a golden sharp dagger to charge towards the spir

eys and was ideal to escape the Head. As long as he could reach the mountain, Austin knew he would be safe.

With soaring hope in his heart, Austin poured his vital energy into his Eagle Wings.

After a while, Austin managed to reach the outer part of the forest, bringing him some relief.

But behind Austin, the head of the Full Moon City was getting closer again. The distance between them was just two kilometres.

"Ha-ha. If you, the head of the Full Moon City, are interested, you can come with me into the woods. We can have a good conversation there."

Austin laughed out mockingly while turning his head back to rush into the ancient forests.

Now the head of the Full Moon City had reached the periphery of the forest. But somehow he hesitated before going inside.

"Hum! You cunning boy! This was a clever escape!"

Finally, the head of the Full Moon City gave up pursuing Austin since this, in front of him, was the border of the Elite Holy Kingdom. Once the mountain started, the Elite Holy Kingdom's dominion ceased to exist.

Gazing at the towering mountain and the neighboring hills all around him, the head of the Full Moon City knew that this was an expansive region where Austin could easily get lost. So, quietly he turned back and gave up.

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