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   Chapter 635 One Chased And The Other Escaped (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6331

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When Austin found out that the cultivator chasing him belonged to the Master Realm, he was really astonished. So in no time at all, he ran with his bodily movement skill covering more than 800 meters in just one step! But these lithe movements were invisible to the ordinary people around. Seen from afar, he was like a shadow gliding among them.

Austin's chaser was none other than the head of the Full Moon City, who had been close on Austin's heels as soon as he got out. After focusing his spiritual sense on Austin, he too began to observe Austin's high speed and was alarmed at his alacrity.

'This young man is remarkable! It is completely likely of him to ruin one of Cyan Sect's regions, ' the lead of the Full Moon City thought.

Austin's speed to the head of the Full Moon City wasn't otherworldly. Of course, as a cultivator at the Master Realm, he too displayed great velocity.

For Master Realm cultivators had the ability to fly cutting through the air. They could dash through the sky like an eagle. Seeing Austin take flight splicing the surrounding air, the Full Moon City head too moved like a light beam and flashed in the sky.

In a matter of minutes, their lightning speeds had brought the Full Moon City head and Austin closer and within hearing distance.

"Young man, I am the head of the Full Moon City. I urge you to stop

since I have something to ask you,"

The head of the Full Moon City said as gracefully as his looked.

'Do you think I am a silly child?'

Austin smirked in his mind at the head for thinking him to be this naive and did not stop running.

The chase too had now become incredibly close. Austin knew, through his spiritual sense, that the Full Moon City head was inching within grabbing distance. Although, he didn't care to show, Austin felt nervous at this.

"Well, young man. Please stop for a moment now.

I know you thi

p praise Austin.

The truth was that Austin as a medium-level Sky Realm cultivator was hardly a match for the Head, who at the Master Realm was much stronger.

With the young man's vital energy cultivation base paling in comparison, Austin could only go far for this long. He managed to fly for some more distance without getting hurt.

The Full Moon City Head fully knew that if it had been anyone else other than Austin, they would have been dead by now. 'In fact, forget one', the Head thought, 'Count that as ten or twenty cultivators at the medium stage of Sky Realm and the result will still have been death of them all.

There is something extraordinary about this young man!'

The head of the Full Moon City sighed and wondered about Austin.

"Ha-ha! Young man, it is futile to even try to flee from me. You'd better stop and wait instead!"

Seeing Austin speed up again made the head of the Full Moon City laugh out loud. Amused, he kept chasing Austin to see how long he could avoid him.

"Well, you are the head of the Full Moon City and I am just a simple young man. You don't have a problem with me, do you? Why do you still chase me if there's nothing really?"

Austin shouted back though never for a second, lagging in his speed.

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