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   Chapter 634 The Lord Of The Full Moon City

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The Cyan Light City was one of the three big cities in the Elite Holy Kingdom. It was smaller only when compared to the Elite City.

On the northeast side of the Cyan Light City, there was the magnificent mountain range called the Cyan Mountain. The Cyan Sect was based here, so it was a place of great importance for the cultivators of the Elite Holy Kingdom.

There was a rumor among the cultivators of the Elite Holy Kingdom. They said that the cultivation base of Benjamin, the Sect Leader of the Cyan Sect, had already reached the premium stage of the Astral Realm. Thus, there were only a few reclusive cultivators in the whole Elite Holy Kingdom who could match up to him.

Besides him, the Cyan Sect also had a lot of other masters, who were in the Master Realm or in the Imperial Realm. Therefore, no one in the Elite Holy Kingdom dared to provoke the Cyan Sect.

On this day, escorting Holy Daughter Sissi was Susan, the Elder of the Cyan Sect. She and her team had finally returned to the Cyan Mountain.

The return of the Holy Daughter was certainly a great event for the whole sect. Everyone had been concerned about her. Thus, there were many people who came to greet and welcome Holy Daughter Sissi.

Susan planned to visit Benjamin, the Sect Leader, after Sissi settled down safely. She wanted to discuss with the Sect Leader about the matter of letting Sissi enter the chamber of inheritance to practice in advance.

Just then, a disciple came to report that the stronghold of the Full Moon City was completely destroyed. The three stewards and most of their disciples who were guarding the stronghold were killed. Only eleven had been able to survive and escape. The stronghold was eventually burned down by a big fire, and there were not many bricks left of the ruins.

And the one behind all that destruction was a young man named Austin!

When she heard the distressing news, Elder Susan was so angry that she coughed up a mouthful of blood. Her body trembled and she couldn't speak a word for a long time. It was horrifying.

Sissi was totally shocked by the news as well.

With the great power of the Cyan Sect on their side, even the most eminent cultivators or dignitaries in the Elite Holy Kingdom showed respect to them. But now, the most ridiculous thing had happened. An unknown young man had destroyed their stronghold publicly.

'Is he taking revenge?' Sissi thought silently.

She became quiet and was troubled when she remembered Austin, the young man who had escorted her all the way to the Elite Holy Kingdom.

Soon, the headquarters of the Cyan Sect issued an order. A young man named Austin was listed on the List of Must Kill for the members of the Cyan Sect.

Austin's portrait and personal information were also distributed to all the disciples of the Cyan Sect in no time. There was no way this act could be ignored or pardoned.

At the same time, the Cyan Sect made a public announcement informing all the other forces in the Elite Holy Kingdom that if anyone would help t

a! Austin, now that the City Lord wants to fight you himself, you'll die today."

The disciples of the Cyan Sect began to gloat at Austin's misfortune.

... Meanwhile, even after getting out of the gate of the Full Moon City, Austin continued to run desperately towards the mountains from where he had escorted Sissi.

Austin's destination had been the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

But he had met Sissi and changed his mind. He had temporarily come to the Elite Holy Kingdom with her.

Now, he had provoked a powerful sect, the Cyan Sect. He knew that if he still stayed in the Elite Holy Kingdom, he would be hunted down by the Cyan Sect very soon.

Clearly, it would be better for him to leave the Elite Holy Kingdom as soon as possible and go to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom to look for Angus' daughter.

Therefore, Austin went back on the road he had come. His intention was to get to the mountain range first, and then move towards the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

However, shortly after exiting from the gates of the Full Moon City, he sensed that something was wrong.

Using his spiritual sense quickly, he found out that he was being tracked by someone.

He immediately let his spiritual sense explore far behind him.

He was sure now that it was someone approaching from the direction of the Full Moon City. It was like a stream of light that was catching up with him at high speed.

"Shit!" Austin shouted.

Judging from his temperament, the man who was chasing him was as strong as Elder Susan of the Cyan Sect. Undoubtedly, his cultivation base was at the Master Realm.

Thinking of how he was going to confront a Master Realm cultivator, Austin couldn't help worrying for his life.

He knew that he had many skills and tactics to win most of the battles, but he was afraid he couldn't bear the strength of a Master Realm cultivator.

Thus, he utilized all his vital energy force to flee from there as fast as he could. He wasn't ready to face the man who was following him.

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