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   Chapter 633 Destroying A Base Of The Cyan Sect

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Three days later, Austin started to go back quietly to the Full Moon City. Along the way, he hid his tracks.

He had killed three stewards of the Cyan Sect several days ago, so Susan, the Elder of Cyan Sect, would not let him off when she found him. Most importantly, with his present level of strength, Austin knew that if he faced Susan his odds of winning were very slim.

Therefore, the first step of his plan was to sneak back into the city and find out whether Susan had left the city to escort Sissi back to the headquarters of the Cyan Sect. If she had left, then he would implement the next step of his plan.

Although Austin had been to the Full Moon City before, the guards at the entrance did not recognize him because the last time when he entered the city, he was part of the large convoy of the Cyan Sect.

This time, Austin entered the city with a fictitious identity.

He disguised himself in a black cloak and changed his voice using the vital energy sounding like an old man who was weak and frail and his voice trembled when he spoke. After that, he chose a tavern near the base of the Cyan Sect and checked in.

On the other side, the members of Cyan Sect all thought that Austin would flee after he killed their stewards to avoid being slain by the cultivators who were looking for him. No one imagined that he was bold enough to go back to the Full Moon City so soon.

Hence, although Austin spent a whole day wandering around the town and even walked by their base, no one took notice of him.

Finally, Austin got the information he was looking for. A day ago, someone had witnessed the Elder of Cyan Sect, Susan, lead a group of cultivators to escort the Daughter of their sect and they had left the city.

Austin was excited about that news. This time he would take the opportunity to give Susan a taste of her own medicine and let her experience some losses.

At midnight, the base of Cyan Sect was quiet. Groups of two or three disciples guarded the camp albeit they sometimes walked by lethargically.

Austin sedately practiced the Golden Sun Scripture in his room as he patiently waited for midnight. He quietly bid his time until it was the right time to attack. He opened his eyes then directly went to the base of the Cyan Sect.

Under the starry sky, Austin moved as fast and quiet as a ghost. He suddenly showed up in front of a group of Cyan Sect disciples.

"Who are you?"

"How dare you break into the base of the Cyan Sect!"

Soon, other disciples nearby heard the commotion and helped to look for the intruder. They moved over with their torches in their hands frantically se

gnity and ran away from the base desperately. They hated that they were only born with two legs and couldn't run faster.

"Go after them!"

Austin was like the God of Death, giving orders to the evil ape and the five corpse demons.

The disciples ran desperately in panic.

The screams, cries and moans were like a plague spreading all over the Full Moon City.

Soon, cultivators of other sects got up because of the noise, and then headed to the base of the Cyan Sect when they figured out the source of the noise.

With his powerful spiritual sense, Austin sensed that he had attracted other cultivators' attention, so he decided to leave.

Some of the cultivators might be friends with the Cyan Sect and he would get in trouble if they were at the Master Realm and attacked him to help the Cyan Sect.

Therefore, Austin summoned back the evil ape and the five corpse demons right away.

At the same time, he called the source energy of Scorching Evil Fire to flow through his hand and instantly formed a flaming torch. Then he ejected flames, firing the whole base of Cyan Sect. The base soon became a sea of fire.

After causing the distraction, Austin took advantage of the chaos and left quietly using his supreme movement skill he sneaked out undetected since he could not been seen clearly with naked eyes.

"It is over. Our base has been destroyed completely!"

A dozen disciples who had survived stared at the burning base, they cried in despair since they hadn't recovered from fear and astonishment at the destruction.

"I'll go to our headquarters and report to Elder Susan that Austin has destroyed our base at the Full Moon City."

"Right. Let the leaders dispatch superior masters who can kill Austin and avenge us!"

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