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   Chapter 632 Ready To Fight Back

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In the beautiful valley which was dozens of kilometers away from the Full Moon City, Austin was completely engrossed.

He was closely studying the purple vital stone.

It was the first time that Austin got to have a divine weapon in his possession. He was a bit bewildered.

Fortunately Austin had learned a few things about the divine weapons earlier. He knew that it was the magic array that determined how powerful the divine weapon was.

Austin looked at the purple vital stone keenly. It was about thirty centimeters long, ten centimeters wide, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom. Though small in size, when held it felt quite heavy, like weighing a few tons.

Though studying it carefully, Austin wasn't able to find out which element the purple vital stone was made from. He only knew by now that it was a rough, dark purple stone, which was quite heavy.

Austin penetrated into the purple vital stone with his spiritual sense. It was just as he had expected. Indeed, there was a strange magic array which existed in it. The magic array was crisscrossed and echoed the earth's magnetic field. It gave off many rays of purple light. All the rays of light were connected to a radiant circle in the middle of the array. He could feel the circle moving slowly.

Austin was uncertain, yet he carefully put in some of his vital energy force into the purple vital stone.

He had seen Bessie do so to activate it.

Surprisingly, the stone didn't get activated at all. Austin put in more of his vital energy force into it but it was of no use.

'Why? Why isn't it working?

What's wrong? I did the same as Bessie had done. Then, why can't I activate it?'

Austin questioned himself. He stopped and tried to figure out the reason why his vital energy wasn't activating the purple vital stone.

After considering all options, he penetrated into the stone with his spiritual sense again. But this time he did it more carefully.

Finally, he found something!

The magic array in the purple vital stone was like an interlaced net. Austin found that there was another strange array, rather it was someone's spiritual sense that was hidden at the edge of the net.

Austin realized that the magic array was actually sealed by spiritual sense. This could only be done by one who was very powerful. It had been secured so cleverly that it was very hard to be found.

As Austin had a stronger spiritual sense now, he was able to find it. But it wasn't easy, he had located it after a lot of keen observation.


withdraw, was he sure that he was the real master of the purple vital stone, instead of that old bitch of the Cyan Sect.

He liked this feeling and he wouldn't stop.

"Bitch, I have got your stone! What can you do about it?"

Austin laughed loudly.

Another idea struck him.

'The headquarters of the Cyan Sect aren't in the Full Moon City.

Sissi is the Holy Daughter of the Cyan Sect. She must be very sad and exhausted after being chased for a month.

So she would like to leave the Full Moon City and get back to the Cyan Sect as soon as possible. She's a girl and was chased and threatened by so many. Undoubtedly Susan, as the Elder of the sect, won't allow Sissi to leave by herself.

In the Full Moon City, Susan is the only one who is at Master Realm.

She won't let Sissi travel alone. And if she leaves with Sissi, the ones who remain can't fight against me.

It's a good chance to destroy the stronghold of the Cyan Sect in the Full Moon City. And Susan will come to know what I can do.'

Austin thought.

He wasn't someone who liked killing relentlessly, but he was terribly aggrieved this time by Susan's actions. Whenever he thought about those people who returned evil in return for his good, he couldn't help fighting back. He hated those people more than anything.

Austin made up his mind that he would root out the stronghold of the Cyan Sect in the Full Moon City in three days.

And he had a plan B also in mind. He would stop going into the stronghold if Susan stayed.

Having prepared the plans, he just settled down in the little valley to let off his steam. Things would change in the coming days and he needed to be extremely alert.

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